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Young, starry-eyed teenager trying to reach the whole world through her writing. And is failing rather miserably.

Yeah, I’m Chinese. Not from China but from Singapore. And, no, Singapore is NOT located in the middle of China. Go goggle it.

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  1. Judgement Day suicide

    Don’t go. Don’t leave me here, Nephi! I didn’t mean to use God’s words for my greedy means. I didn’t. I woke up from my nightmare drenched in sweat despite the cold and bitter winter wind. I felt around for a packet of matchsticks. Joseph, yo...

  2. Second Home

    Oh yes. Boy am I excited. I am so excited. So excited— To get home. You know, taking the bus or the train. Waking up at an ungodly hour of 5.45am just so I can get home in time. Boy am I glad to go to school, my beloved second home. To listen to teac...

  3. Just another fool (repost)

    The sun traversed down the western horizon, colouring everything in hues of orange and red. Where the sun disappeared into a fissure, a streak of blood red stained the blue canvas that was the sky. It was a picturesque sunset. As the sun vanished from ...

  4. The Door Slammed Shut

    “You sure it won’t hurt, this way of plucking out shaky tooth?” “Yes, darling.” “Mummy, are you reallyreallyreally sure? A hundred percent sure?” “Yes, darling. Mummy is really sure.” “But mum...

  5. Sage advice always hits where it hurts most

    Have you ever played the game ‘Ouch’? It’s this game where you sit in a circle. Let’s say I have A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H sitting in a circle. Whenever A’s name is called, he will have to hit B’s lap. Like really hard. B has to bear it sou...

  6. Thief

    “My duty is to keep you safe, my Lady.” Jordyn stared at the man stationed outside her room, suddenly not recognizing him. “Look, Br-” He bestowed a kind smile upon him. “My duty-” “Shut up about your duty for ...

  7. HELP!

    The sun traversed down the western horizon, colouring everything in hues of orange and red. Where the sun disappeared into a fissure, a streak of blood red stained the blue canvas that was the sky. It was a picturesque sunset. As the sun vanished from ...

  8. That Mars Bar

    I stared at Jonhie’s award and salivated, I contributed to that project too; the unfairness of it all!

  9. Lunch box

    Lunch box The phrase that will get me up and hurling before you even sound the ‘x’. Yet it is the thing that I miss most now that you’re six feet under, unmoving. You said you’d make lunch for me for as long as I live. Because I was your precio...

  10. Euthanasia

    It was just something that you erase from the cache of your brain. Something that you didn’t think about because it was just so— Painful. I stood by the side when attending your wake. Because I was the little sister you’d rather do without. B...

  11. Chicken Little

    “Heard you’re moving?” A tall, burly, masculine pair of legs stopped in front of me. I nodded meekly, chancing a glance up. “I’m afraid I did not hear you, chicken little,” he said, smirking smugly. yes I mouthed. “Michael says he’s mov...

  12. Win together; lose together. Ficly.

    Ficly is the ice-cream to a hot day; the honey balm to a scald; the murmurs of a mother to her baby; the heaven to my hell. The trampoline that bounces me to greater heights when I fall upon it for support. It is just. A gathering for great writers wor...

  13. Ficly: the best Heaven

    My dearest Ficly, I am cured. And better than ever. Besides this, I have 25 cups of black coffee and 100 ml of midnight oil left over. I think I better store them in my attic, just in case I need them once again. Damn, a test is lined up for next Satur...

  14. 11/01/2011

    11/01/2011 Dear Pearly, Perhaps you wouldn’t believe me, but yes, I’m currently living in Year 2011. I’m the future you. Freak out now, because I did freak out when I saw this letter. Breath in, out, in, out, in, out. Throw out all your classics ...

  15. It's The End, (how sad).

    My Dearest Ficly, I am sick. I suffer from a splitting headache; double vision and blood-shot eyes. Not to mention the mad gibbering of math equations whenever somebody ask me a question. I visited my doctor. And he gave me weird advice. He told me not...

  16. Operation: Art of Love

    “Don’t let me down,” I whispered through the walkie-talkie I held on my left hand. “Roger that,” I heard through the walkie-talkie. “It takes more than this to kill me,” “Operation: Art of Love starts now,” I hissed as I swung myself ...

  17. Run Away

    Running is the only thing that makes my life tick. I love how air parts for my arrival; how wind streamlines my curls into a whip behind me; how my muscles strain from running too fast; how the world blurs into a homogeneous picturesque scene; how time...

  18. Lost.

    Lost. Lost. Lost. Lost. Lost. “What in the world do you think you’re doing, Ms Crawford?” Lost.Lost.Lost.Lost. “I am just writing…something,” I said. “Tattooing,” Lost.Lost.Lost. Someone tugged on my arm....

  19. Cheat!

    Fear breathed fire into my spine, making me shiver in discomfort. Fear breathed icy icicles down my spine, making goose-pimples form in quick succession. It blows hot and cold, like the fickle old lady next to me. “Yes?” I murmured as I loo...

  20. Ginkgo nuts should help

    I tossed and turned on the bed, Trying to remember what I’ve absentmindedly forgotten. I forgot my parent’s wedding anniversary, My memory took a holiday to Hawaii. I fell asleep on my table, Struggling with quadratic equation. Teacher taug...

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