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Here are my series’. Some I started a while ago but I wish to continue with them. I hope you enjoy them.Stay tuned!
http://ficly.com/stories/11441 – Daughter of God
http://ficly.com/stories/10289 – In the Shadows of Men
http://ficly.com/stories/15492 – Doomsday
http://ficly.com/stories/17849 – Email

ATTENTION: I am now officially a Twilight convert! TEAM EDWARD!

I am now in love with Taylor Swift! Can’t stop listening to her music!

Hey. I’m Jenni. I’m a college student, studying AS French, AS History (tudors), AS Sociology, AS Health and Social Care and AS General Studies. I wanted to take Creative Writing as a complimentary course but it clashed with my other subjects! So here I am, having fun doing what I love. Well most of it. Becasue I love singing most of all, but I’m usually singing anyway! I am also the ultimate bookworm. Let me know if you want to do a series! Eeeeeeeee! Over and Out!


  1. Subject: More interesting than I thought

    To: Benjamin Wood Yeah. I do like Dr who. Nice of you to read my messages again…. So yeah. Call me an uber geek if yu want but I’ve been into it since before time began1 well….obviously not but you get my drift. It’s actually a ...

  2. White Horse

    I always had this dream that you and me could be happy together forever. It would be like a fairytale, you sweeping me off my feet as my prince charming. But that wasn’t going to happen was it. You tell me you’re sorry and I want to believe...

  3. A reason to smile

    As he hammered, small pieces of the wall started coming off. I wished I could help. But instead I just sat on teh couch, wrapped in his trench coat, just glad he was here. A link to my old life that seemed more and more like a dream every day. Maybe I ...

  4. Subject: Trock

    To: Emma Greene I don’t know what you’[re thinking it is so I can’t really answer that question can I. Duh. I’ll give you the unofficial definition of Trock Trock or Time Lord Rock is a genre of music devoted to all things Docto...

  5. Subject: What!?

    To: Benjamin Wood Oooh. Touchy. I just think being in a band is pretty cool. …. Wait a second. Trock? You’re in a trock band? Maybe we have more in common than I originally thought. Trock is what I think it is right? Awaiting a reply, Emma

  6. Anne Boleyn (Cont.)

    Hands clasped decorously at he stomach Anne walked out of her small room, head held high. No tears filled her eyes.There was nothing that could stop this. Henry….no, the King would not be attending she’d been told. Off hunting or fondling M...

  7. Subject: The Band

    To: Emma Greene Yes. That is what I said. I am in a band. Don’t go all freaky on me, everyone always does. It’s really stupid. And I am studying the Tudors. It is all rather interesting. But there are only three other guys in my group which...

  8. Anne Boleyn

    Her heart beat faster in her chest, as if it knew it only had minutes to live and was trying to fulfill a lifetime worth of beats. The dark haired woman took a couple of breaths to calm her mind. Anne Boleyn looked out of the window at the wooden scaff...

  9. Cancelled

    Fae jumped onto the sofa excitedly, a grin slapped across her well structured face, her freckles seeming to stretch. The springs squeeked, not happy being put through that much stress. “Tommy!” she called. “Hurry up!” she turned...

  10. Katherine of Aragon

    A finely dressed figure was knelt before the altar of the chapel. Latin prayers poured out of her mouth as she clutched her hands together in front of her. Her eyes looked up adoringly at the Madonna before her, as tears poured out of her eyes. Katheri...

  11. Henry VIII

    Henry lay on his vast bed, his chaplain beside him murmering prayers. He knew he wasn’t long for this world, he just prayed that his nine year old son Edward would make a good King. The appointed councillors who would serve in the regency council...

  12. Subject: Hmph

    To: Benjamin Wood The subject I was talking about was Health and Social Care. Thank you very much. That exam’s over now thank goodness. I’m taking History………I bet you’re studying Hitler or something aren’t you ...

  13. Help

    He grinned at me as I ran to him, wrapping my arms around him gratefully. “I take it you missed me?” he joked halfheartedly. “I didn’t think you were coming back” I said, tears of joy running down my cheeks. “Silly g...

  14. Surprised doesn't even cover it

    Instead of performing I went stright to my room. It was too late now to earn any extra money with the song. I tried to pull myself together. I just needed to make the money. I passed a long queue of men waiting outside my door. I paused. How had I gene...

  15. Subject: ........right

    To: Emma Greene …..right. What sort of crazy subject is it that you’re studying there? Anyway, I’m assuming you’re in sixth form then as you’re the same age as me. Exams…who’d do them. Well for music I don̵...

  16. Change

    I loved you. You changed. Pity.

  17. Subject: Stressy

    To: Benjamin Wood OK OK! Stressy much?! I’m 16, but I’m nearly 17 so you shouldn’t be that much older than me. And I do admit maybe it was an eensy weensy tiny bit rude to ask your age. But it’s not really a problem unless you&#...

  18. Subject: Rudeness

    To: Emma Green Coffee Beans Toast Jam Pickle Cucumber Of course I know what it means. I did study English at GCSE like the majority of people. That’s very rude by the way. Asking someone you barely know how old they are. For the record I’m ...

  19. Subject: Random rubbish

    To: Benjamin Wood Random. OK. Sausages Mash Crush Ice Cream Milk Sugar Tea See what I did there? Word association, but I’m sure you’ve got no idea what that means. How old are you anyways? Emma Greene

  20. Subject: I will comply

    To: Emma Greene Alright. Calm down. Your clothing allowance is safe. You were very rude to me and I had every right to be so back to you. I’m not too happy to talk to you either but I’m being threatened with the removal of my laptop and aco...

  21. Subject: Please!?

    To: Benjamin Wood Please please please reply! My parents are saying that if I don’t get a reply by the end of the weekend then I’m grounded because I must’ve been horrid to you. If I did I dind’t mean to…well, maybe I did ...

  22. Subject: Apology

    To: Benjamin Wood I have been instructed to apologise for my thoughtless rant. I have also been ordered to persuade you to email me. My parents say that I have been incredibly rude. But to be honest I think you were ruder. All I said was that I was ann...

  23. Subject: Fine

    To: Emma Greene Ok. You don’t have to email me. Simple. Sincerely, Benjamin Wood

  24. Subject: Hello?

    To: Benjamin Wood Some random facts about me: I’m right handed I hate sociology I like history I love french I’m a geek I wear glasses I know all the Harry Potter books off by heart Ditto for the Twilight saga I watch Doctor Who avidly I do...

  25. March 15th: Chaos (cont.)

    Eventually I reached our house and burst through the door. “We need to pack and leave now!” I said hastily. My parents just stared at me. “Why?” they asked. They and my little sister were sitting on the sofa huddled together. Fr...

  26. Wreck

    As the reality of my situation became apparent in my mind, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I jumped at every passing sound, dreading his return. His departure left me to stew over my situation. He was right. I’ll never be anything other tha...

  27. March 15th : Chaos

    My family sobbed behind me, clutching at each other. Me? The shock hadn’t quite sunk deep enough yet. Being the only one dressed, I walked outside to see what had happened. As I opened the door, a spine chilling sight met me. Our house sits near ...

  28. March 15th: After the bomb dropped

    Desperately, and remembering my year 5 or something georgraphy, I ran to the doorway to our lounge and clung desperately to the frame. The ornaments in the room, sitting on the shelves wobbled about. Some fell over whilst others fell right off. I heard...

  29. Locked in

    With my head throbbing and my body aching I pulled myself carefully over to where my ‘clothes’ had been thrown. Hastily I pulled on the bra, pants and high heels that made up my uniform, hoping that Mr. Black wasn’t coming back. I hau...

  30. Punishment

    Sobs racked in my chest, the air that I received not enough to sustain me. I blinked harshly and tears squeezed out to roll down my cheeks. His mouth turned into a smirk. “You’re pathetic” he said finally. He threw me on the hard wood...

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