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Hi. I’m ‘lil Krully, Comté d’Fìcly (Count of Ficly), and I’m one big bag of unquenchable excitement, wrapped in a tiny little doppelgänger shell. That’s right, a doppelgänger. Not the evil kind, of course. I’m the manifestation of Krulltar’s psychē that he hides away in that deep dark closet of his inner id. I only get to come out and play when he’s had enough Guinness to drown a mule, which is almost every night.

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Obligatory quotation:
“By blood a king, in heart a clown.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. A Clean Cut

    “I ‘member the first time I cut my strings.” A small hand reached down to picked up the severed strings of the puppet that lay dying. “Let me die in peace.” “You aint gonna die. You might vomit a few times, but you aint gonna die.” “I f...

  2. There I said it

    I thought I was good at keeping secrets, but in reality I’m just a good liar. I caught him kissing that other girl behind the bleachers. He thought I told her, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to tell my own sister that he was cheating o...

  3. And a child shall lead them (Mature)

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