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While working at AOL, I was a part of the team that built Ficlets along with Kevin, Cindy, Jenna, and Ari. When AOL decided to shut our baby down, I contacted Kevin and got the ball rolling on Ficly. I’m more a musician and photographer than an author, but I love storytelling and the art of writing.

We continue to have a ton of fun working on this site and building the community, so thank you all for participating and let us know how we can make it better!


  1. All's Well

    “Ooooh, this will not end well.” “We’ve gone over it a thousand times. It’ll work.”

  2. Falling Home

    Reentry is a tricky thing at best. The Ph.D.s on the ground tell us that we’re always falling, in a manner of speaking. Way I look at it, orbiting the planet’s got nothing to do with the soul-shaking fall back into the atmosphere. Come in t...

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