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I am a troubled, turbulent being who has taken three centuries of neglect and obloquy. But finally after an epoch long struggle I know all the answers.


  1. Earl Of Ugly

    Earl of Ugly knew there was something amiss. Drunk or sober he could feel it running through his bones. He had been sat in the seat in the corner bar for most of the evening. The barkeep feeding him bourbon straight top ups. He was watching the doorway...

  2. Immortals

    The club was dark and sweaty. The band, a two piece, voice and keyboards, were pumping out an industrial volume rhythm to which the crowd were berserking on the dance floor. I saw her eyes first, they sparkled like diamonds against black satin. She bec...

  3. Flood

    The Blue Orchid had been the type of club frequented only by Disney Boys. That had been before the great flood of ’09. Now the only patrons of the gloomy bar were downbeats. The owner, a gangle, in his early forties wanted the good times back. But th...

  4. Cassandra Elect

    She stood atop the crumbling stone steps that led to nowhere, the jasmine scented wind blowing her hair and flimsy gown. He crouched at the foot, blood dripping from a deep gash across his forearm sweat flowing freely down a pain encrusted face. He cal...

  5. Reputation, Reputation

    My grandmother was a crook and, she also claimed, the Earl of Essex. I suspected that the latter may have been mere and unsubstantiated, as her first name was Doris. A name rarely in history associated with peers of the realm. The first claim though, t...

  6. The Hint

    He was a mad dog, and he was also an Englishman and at that time he was also a stevedore baking away in the midday sun on a dock, in a harbour, at a port at the heart of the central powers. It was a low point and it got lower when she stepped down the ...

  7. Blood Artist

    Finding that he was alone he spoke to himself. When he received no response he pulled at his skin with his broken fingernails drawing blood that trickled onto the paper. He took his brush to hand and smoothed the blood into repetitive strokes that soon...

  8. Crescent Waltz

    On the darkly stage, the band practised. The saxophone sputtered and spat and eventually spoke a slow waltz. On the empty space, that when the palais was full would be the dancing floor, the couple held each other close. Slowly they began to react to t...

  9. A Coat Of Pride

    In the days of bandaged pride and little of significance, he ruled. But he was a puppet ruler, not a real ruler in his own right; he just purported to be real. Some unseen hand pre coordinated his every move, although he thought he moved within the rea...

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