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  1. Greywater Crossing

    Three days it would take, the captain told him, to seal up the Fishwife’s hull with warm sealswax and get the latest auspices from the icemen. Queer customs, the scholar thought, but he’d once seen a ship twice the Fishwife’s size split in ha...

  2. Smoke

    I hate cities, and this one wasn’t any different. Too many windows, too much quiet. I stood up on top of the old RV. It might’ve been nice in the years before the end, the kind of thing someone’s grandparents would’ve spent a fortune on. Now th...

  3. Yosemite

    I don’t remember much, I was too young to really understand it all. I know thirteen-year-old me would’ve said otherwise, that I did know what was happening, that I was smart and independent. I saw the stories online, read the news articles. I don&#...

  4. An Old Fear

    They ain’t men, child, not anymore. Thems what come when the snows fall, they’re from the old war. When the old kings and princes needed men, they’d stitch ’em together, men without blood or breath, men who could march a hundred...

  5. The Scholar

    At the prow, a gaunt figure traced his hand across the frostbitten rail. Old wood, splintered and salt worn from decades of sail up and down the coast. They used to ply the open sea, ships like these, pushing back the boundaries of the known world. Cle...

  6. The Ship

    Low evening fog descended around the ship, seeping a sheen of frost across the deck. The helmsman pulled tight his long coat and scarf, steeling himself against the cold. At their back the lights and towers of the city Urund-ir had already begun to fad...

  7. The Orc

    They left it there, the orc beneath the blood soaked blanket. Neither boy dared go near it. They, each of them, ignored one another. Leofwine sat with his back against a tree, staring unfixed into the river. William curled his knees against himself and...

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J. K. W.'s Followers (3)

  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)
  • ElshaHawk (LoA)
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