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  1. Shanti's Dream

    Shanti opened her eyes to black. Nothing. Just endless, ongoing, nothingness. Curiosity immediately overwhelms Shanti, and she started to wander around, trying to see if this nothingness led to anything. But left alone in this nothingness, Shanti start...

  2. #32

    32 sat up quickly, disoriented and in shock, he confusingly looks down and starts pulling unfamiliar wires away from his body. His gurney like bed was sunken and filled about an inch high with a pastey clear liquid substance with a density similar to m...

  3. Folded Space

    An ant crawls along the surface of a peice of paper. He only knows of the one dimension he is crawling on. Unaware that if he continues on, he will crawl around the edge onto another dimension of the same space. He continues on, and will eventually get...

  4. LMNOP

    “Ella, you’re going to have to try.” the cute nurse says as she stood next to Ella’s bed holding her hand. “Please try Ella. The operation was a success, so it’s all in your mind now. If you just -” “I ca...

  5. John's Sweet Program

    John sat happily in his chair at work. “Im done! It’s finally done!” John tells his boss Dan about a tool he wrote that will improve collaboration on projects for the team. As he brings it up and shows all the possibilities and the ef...

  6. If I do'd it, I get a whippin.... I get a whippin

    Ralph sat alone in his room pondering whether or not he should hit Enter. He shoots an IM to MrBean: “Dude, I’ve spent months coding this, and now that it’s done, I’m not sure I really want to run it.” He sits anxiously st...

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