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  1. Canned goods

    He leaned forward and said something quickly into an intercom. Click. A question welled up inside Roger, rose, then ruptured somewhere deep in his throat. He opened his mouth to speak. Nothing. The doctor observed, silently. They watched her through t...

  2. Non-Con

    “I’m afraid the result is quite unequivocal.” The doctor even appeared to smile faintly, but it was just a trick of the light. Impassive, he held out the report card to Roger, who failed to take it. It hovered in the air between them....

  3. Recession

    Flotsam, left behind as the city receded. Far from the centre, broken buildings stood, half-built or unbuilt, development abandoned as the tide had turned. Smashed bricks and glass, broken cables sprouting from mortar-flecked earth. Green thrusting up ...

  4. Slots

    It was still there two weeks later, propped against the sugar bowl on the kitchen counter where I habitually kept awkward or obscure items of mail – and this qualified as both. It nagged whenever I glanced at it, shouting at me mutely, in the way...