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  1. Russia Enters the Great War

    1942 Sitting in the place of honor among his court, Tsar Nicholas II, Autocrat of All the Russias, reflected on his long inglorious life. Following giants like his father and grandfather, was it inevitable that he was dim in comparison? The war with Ja...

  2. Brushing Hair

    “Mommy, please brush my hair,” asks the little girl. A rough gasp. Clothes rustle, wood rasps, something rattles. Floor boards creak, and there comes a sickly-sweet smell. Long fingers grasp the little girl’s hair, and the brushing be...

  3. Emergence

    The thing roars as it rises from the glacier, towering fifty fathoms high, shaking off ice-boulders as if they were leaves that had settled on it during its long sleep. It is vaguely like a bipedal reptile, its build blocky atop its great columnar legs...

  4. Like Father, Like Son

    Man desired to extend his reach, and made a spear, and with the spear he slew, with sharp flint and steel and armor-piercing bullet. Man desired to extend his thought, so he made a Mind, and with that Mind he slew, with targeting laser and blasting bea...

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