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  1. every night

    “I dreamt about her again last night.” “Your mum?” Steve swallowed, trying to bring some moisture to his mouth. “Yeah..”

  2. We drove home in silence

    We drove home in silence. Not total silence, the banter of the afternoon radio hosts was softly drifting out of the speakers, but we hadn’t said a word to each other since I got in the car. In fact, we hadn’t spoken since last night. This m...

  3. I was afraid she wasn't

    “Why do you want to talk now?” she asked me. Her voice wasn’t filled with anger, or hesitation. She was just asking a question. The truth was, I didn’t know the answer. In fact, I honestly had very little idea as to why I called...

  4. Kitchen Floor

    It was occurring to him more and more these days that she really is the one for him. They have so much in common, so why doesn’t he feel for her. Or does he and just can’t see it? She said something that night on the kitchen floor that has ...

  5. He was home

    Gabe eyed the place from across the road before finally deciding he would enter. As he was walking across the road, he couldn’t help but recall the words of his friend, “Remember the joy of last time? No idiots can screw it up this time....

  6. I see you're awake...

    As I opened my eyes and began to look around, the sudden realisation of where I was began to sink in. But why was I here? Last I remember I was walking down the street with Lauren to get some coffee. Where’s Lauren? I quickly turn my head to look...

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