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  1. The Joyride

    “We are gonna get so grounded!” “Not if you don’t tell,” Xie said pointedly. Ker looked at her little brother, sitting on a copy of the ship’s user manual so he could see through the windshield. She’d never ad...

  2. Pieces

    He picked the photo up off of his desk again and leaned back in his leather chair. The photo showed two girls, about twenty, embracing and smiling at the photographer. He figured the other girl in the photo must be her friend. He picked up the plastic ...

  3. His Divine Plan (Mature)

  4. Galactic Space Babies

    “Ok, picture this- Galactic Space Babies!” “I’m sorry, sir?” “People love aliens, people love babies. I’m thinking Star Wars. I’m thinking Mars Attacks. I’m thinking Look Who’s Talking!”...

  5. The Time I Slept Through the End of the World

    It began as any other summer thunderstorm begins. The air was thick and hazy. Streetlights and stars were invisible from my window. I closed everything up before bed in preparation. I heard a rumble of impending thunder as I drifted off to sleep. Soon...

  6. Symptomless

    Rebecca noticed a strange bump on her inner arm. There was also a small prick of blood. It didn’t hurt, but it was ugly and swollen. “What a weird lump.” she thought to herself. “Probably a bug bite.” A few days later, Reb...

  7. Dogged (Mature)

  8. An Operant Condition

    Camilla had pressed the green button every day until it became cold outside and all the people went away. Then Camilla went away. Moses didn’t want to press the green button. They would ask him to push it and he would pretend he didn’t hear...

  9. The End of an Age

    The moon was like a child’s smile; lop-sided and sheepish. Both innocent and mischievous. They were a mass, crouched and bent against the cold. Babes on the inside, then the thin and the mothers, then the fat and the old and finally the men and t...

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