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  1. Outcast (Mature)

  2. Staggering

    Hunger consumes this wasted body A man of skin stretched o’er his bones Food becomes ash with each bite taken Yet onward play the drones Poisonous sip – no: reckless draught Partook the man once of desire Flooding his veins so sick with hat...

  3. The Warning

    If ever I am subject to those notes again I swear I’ll dig your heart out with my fav’rite pen I’ll place it on the table, staining every page Until it’s beating ceases, naught will quell my rage

  4. Happy to be Absent

    I’ve always loved to listen in And never seen it as a sin The words so lovely echo ’round I smile at the sound Events are meant for invitees And often I’ve been one of these With no intent my friends to grieve I smile when I leave I&#...

  5. Effigy

    Why does the writer mourn? His hands and pen doth make no mark His mind is shadowed in the dark Demeanor thus forlorn, Why does the writer mourn? Why does the writer weep? The pages bleed and ink runs wet He stays alone where he is set Such secrets dot...

  6. Not Yet

    Morning found me drunk with sleep, head spinning with exhaustion It crept beneath my eyelids, peering in with little caution And pushing them awake divorced my eyes from furtive dreams To witness neither morning nor its sun-enchanted beams A murky ...

  7. Life is but a Flicker

    Life is but a flicker From one moment to the next Never mind if slower, quicker Life is but a flicker Sparks abruptly at the start Ends in ways no one expects Life is but a flicker From one moment to the next

  8. Dedication

    Though my fame may wax and wane And though my head grow hoary I will never remain satisfied To bask in former glory

  9. Stone

    Pillars stretching upward toward a ceiling as a sky Worlds apart, the traveler will use them all to fly Not through air, nor crossing land, but waiting for the chime The Bones of the Earth allow his steps to reach back into time

  10. Never Standing Still

    Purpose often staggers ‘gainst its own increasing weight What motion once was confident, now cause to hesitate Beware the goal’s corrupting of life’s set trajectory For life will spin them round, a loss of will predestinate

  11. Reclusive

    As sure as thoughts in curling script spin ‘round A life alone will utter not a sound For solitude presents me little choice What purpose therein lies to have a voice? No lies to leave these lips which do not speak No strike toward which to turn ...

  12. Fortune Presents Gifts

    My life is a list, over time grown long Not one, but two, neither right nor wrong The first contains all as I wished and willed The same with the other, though not fulfilled In the manner expected, yet still complete But the first retains its higher se...

  13. Spite

    What sparked the hatred then Is not recalled again The flames will upward rise To blacken your surprise An agony to blink It tortures you to think Your choking will to breathe The smoke from which I seethe Each moment brings you pain Mistaken is my gai...

  14. A Willingness to Listen

    A man and a song once met On the keys in the back of a room The song didn’t mind the fluorescent light Or the piano being out of tune The man reached out with his hands And beckoned the song come near He asked to know its beginnings and ends Then...

  15. Thirty-two Years of Miscommunication

    In all the ways to take my leave I’ve never left with gasoline Tread under tires as I heave A deathly cough at 9:15 My hands unsteady on the wheel The road can’t pass by fast enough An angry pounding heart I feel Forgetting all my other stu...

  16. An Incomplete Journey

    Dorothy came to a gradual halt. The footsteps of her new friends had dwindled, so she placed her fingertips to her lips and spun about, waving a hand over her head with a cry of encouragement. “Come on! We simply must make it through this forest ...

  17. Critique Wanted

    Offended beware this satire verse I would rather be heard than a liar in hearse What purpose for words in the hands of a cynic? To gain your attention, the meaning intrinsic Tell me, O reader, the faults in my craft I crave interaction both stolid and ...

  18. Voices in the Air

    Sulking. I knew that’s what I was doing. I was sent home as though I were a child, forbidden to leave the village under any circumstances. Their blindness to our predicament only made it worse. The fields produced less each year, the past three h...

  19. A Case Against Bureaucracy

    “We know enough of history to deny the instatement of kings.” Leyla wrapped her shawl more tightly about her shoulders. The hall was drafty in the night winds, making the fire cower in its pit. Roof cloth flapped crazily like the applause o...

  20. Probability Horizon

    Sunlight crested just as I left my cabin, the door hissing slowly shut behind me. I stood a moment to witness the morning, then began the walk south. My feet padded along the dust colored path and I hopped over the six small protrusions that had been r...

  21. Freewriting

    It was never about the connections that had been gained or lost. There was no turning into a pillar of salt in this instance, only a steady pace as I plodded forward, away from the ashes that remain of all I once knew. There was a great lack of the exp...

  22. Unwelcome

    The threat remains – Just stay away Avoid the pains – The threat remains But then the change – Why let the threat Decrease my range? – Just make the change Put on the face – An angry step The shield in place – Put on...

  23. Forest

    A thick haze of tiny green leaves covers the ground, interspersed by pine tree columns, dark and perfectly straight. Their branching arches draw across the sky, mixing coniferous needles with the deciduous green canopy. The evening sun has long been hi...

  24. Infection: Quarantine

    Tison woke but could not move. A breathing apparatus forced air into his lungs at intervals, and clinically white lights brought stinging tears to his eyes. Someone next to him shifted. A hand rested on his shoulder. “Tison, it’s me.”...

  25. Infection: It's Not What You Know...

    Moviitch spilled his entire mug of coffee when Tison burst into his office. The older doctor was ready to spew a stream of curses at his colleague, but as soon as he actually looked at Tison, he forgot all about the burning liquid on his lap and hands....

  26. Infection

    Dr. Moviitch sat back heavily in his swivel chair, a deep sigh accentuating the motion. He rubbed his tired eyes with one hand as the microscope stared unblinkingly back at him. “Tison, it’s back.” “Again?” The younger man...

  27. Traveler: Albiss

    “…which is why further investigation is necessary before other sky structures are licensed for construction. Thank you.” The auditorium filled with applause as Genria returned to her bench. “Well done,” Cahenna praised in ...

  28. The Lesson

    The lesson from you that I’m glad I’ve learned Is to not look back once a bridge has burned You sink in nostalgia as if that makes it last Better off to move on than to drown in the past

  29. Traveler: Aurora Sunrise

    Assume the ridge and take your stance In darken sky those colors dance Where magic flows from sky to moon Take heart, my friend, I’ll be there soon Await my coming from below Footsteps pad through silent snow Panting breath flows thick as clouds ...

  30. Traveler: Two Forests

    Warm, thick night air filled his lungs, insects chirruped, underbrush clung to his legs, leaves swept dryly underfoot, moonlight cast its blue-edged glow on the tall trees. Taking calming breaths, Hable reached for the trees, past them, his bare arm ca...

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