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Was an extremely eccentric 16 year old from the good ol’ Philippines. I’m now 18, and I still like science fiction, ambigrams, and other stuff.


  1. Computer Engineering

    I shudder to think of the things I might have lost, stumbling in the dark.

  2. My Clockwork Heart

    tic. toc. my clockwork heart it beats for you. my dark gold blood it pumps. it flows throughout, my hands go cold. tic. toc. my springs unwind, I’m breaking down. my engine mind the sparks, they die my art, my soul go cold. tic. toc. my iron bones th...

  3. Before The Dragons

    I was born before the dragons had a place to breed, before the fire and storms and ice plagued the earth. But I do not miss those days. Back then, millions of souls would be reaped in an instant by men who were desperate for power, wealth, or just bare...

  4. What Heaven's Worth

    I remember your blood spilling to the floor when He tore off your wings. I remember the sound of each bone being snapped. I remember the desperation in your cries, the look in your damned blue eyes pleading for help. Pleading me for help. I tried to ru...

  5. Conversations

    The forests of North Haven have always been famous for their icy temperaments. Herik was shivering under his blanket, not confident enough of his own writing skills to try and draw an Entropy paper for himself. A few paces away the aborigine was busy a...

  6. A Damsel's Distress

    Faint voices floated down from the mouth of the cavern, stirring her to consciousness. Around her were bits and pieces of metal and glass, some scattered across the floor, some floating in the air. Floating? Memories of the doomed flight suddenly retur...

  7. Rising Action

    “If you have forgotten, we just saw the other half of the axis recede from us at one-hundred-thousand kilometers per hour.” A pause. “That is a slight problem.” With difficulty, Alarick managed to right himself and started craw...

  8. Earth Starbound

    “Is the earth… falling?” “Never mind that. How do we get down?” Alarick felt weightless and nauseous, looking quickly for an object to grasp and pull himself back to the ground. He could find nothing. He was floating on a...

  9. Yet Another Downhill Road

    “… That again?” He laughed awkwardly. I gave him the look. He sighed. “For the last time, there is nothing about you I find irritating or annoying. Nothing, okay? As I’ve said before: I only did that to see how you would r...

  10. Interlude.

    He was ignoring me. It’s not like he went out of his way to avoid me, though. We still mingled in the same circles. We still went to the same places. He just wasn’t talking to me. I tried. I said hello, I asked what the matter was. But he w...

  11. Little Bunny

    This is a story about a bunny… Once upon a time there was a bunny named Little Bunny. Little Bunny was hopping back home carrying a basket with a mango in it. While he was hopping on the road he met his mother and he said: “Hi Mom, how are ...

  12. Subtle Skies and Indigo Analogies

    It was always while walking that we could have a chance to talk. I like walks. Walks don’t have to imply a destination. They don’t need to have an end. But ours was the plaza, where he could catch a ride home. It was near sunset, and once a...

  13. Lifted Off and Left Behind

    Thump. The wonder of the bipedal structure is that it is so precarious that when frozen in a candid position, the thing would more likely fall then stay upright. Thump. At least, that’s how he saw it everyday as he walked to nearby School, passin...

  14. DisOrientation

    Noah woke up to darkness, coughing up vomit on cold marble floor. The medallion burned on his chest, so with sluggish hands he took it off and threw it away. Fragments of his journey refused to piece together, and he was disoriented. He started crawlin...

  15. In Delirium

    In delirium, the human mind can grasp the grandest of the ideas of the universe. In delirium, the human can see. Isaiah had a particularly ambitious plan. The night before, his feverish thoughts have played detached observers to mundane cosmic events...

  16. Earth Unbound

    “Well… we must investigate,” Hans offered, before disappearing deep into the tent to undoubtedly pack. Alarick was left outside, eyes still affixed at the damaged Axis. Cracks from where the dirigible crashed opened in the once smooth...

  17. The Last Level?

    She stepped into the room, carefully closing the door behind her. The only furnishing in the room was a chair. There were no signs or exits. There was only the chair. The small and empty chair. Slowly, hesitantly, she approached. No ominous music playe...

  18. Celestial Clockwork

    A massive, blue-green dirigible plowed through the antarctic skies, slowly gathering speed as it traced its southern course. Its shadow glided across the ragged landscape, momentarily eclipsing a small German outpost from the soft rays of the midnight ...

  19. Empty Answers

    “What do you want?” the thing spoke, a vague sense of impatience in its voice reverberating in the infinite alley. No matter how hard Noah tried, he could perceive nothing of the thing. It was a dark blur, an alien form his eyes saw but his...

  20. Outside Context

    Noah shuddered (if his bodiless awareness could shudder), and responded. YES. Light, smell, and other stimuli appeared, and Noah was rushing outward again, falling into the starlit constellations of the northern skies. He saw the earth get smaller, van...

  21. Contact

    He wore the disk again, this time focusing his attention on the parasite attached to Kebe’s mind. As he did, all other streams of data ceased, and the world around him, the cave, Kebe and his million cells, faded abruptly into nothingness. Throug...

  22. Superiority Complex And Other Disorders

    There was a time, not too long ago, when birds and pigs got along. Their comradeship was not due to any extremely cordial interaction between them, for the aves and the hogs did not mingle much except for the rare occasions when they shared a table and...

  23. The Angel of Death

    Was it a virus? A bioweapon gone astray? Or perhaps the Hand of God finally raising judgment? No one knew, and no one cared. Whatever it was, it struck true and struck quickly, utterly destroying the foundations of human society, and proudly displaying...

  24. Floating Away

    An orange Earth was a sight I never thought I would see. As boiling rock continued to appear and spread on the surface of my beautiful, once-blue home, I just floated in the command console, eyes fixed on the realtime screen, unable to make a sound. Be...

  25. A Cloudy February Friday

    “So… do you have any plans on Monday?” I looked down as we walked down the street. At the end of it was the jeepney stop, a good few minutes away. Enough time to talk if he wasn’t walking so fast. “Wait up!” I laughe...

  26. A Way Outside

    There they stopped, a few tenpaces away from the blazing wall. Connecting the new ruins of the State’s southern bordertowns, it stood higher than the clouds and stretched farther than the east and west horizon, making it all but impassable for al...

  27. Dawn

    Hints of dawn have already crept in from between the panels when Noah, heart pounding and shirt drenched, opened his eyes. The ceiling of the bookstore was off-white, covered in a fine layer of dust and in bad need of repair, but thankfully lacking eye...

  28. Prying Eyes

    The alley stretched on into the surreal horizon, its walls filled with crude symbols swimming violently on the rough surface. Malevolent spots glowed within them, piercing through his defenses, exposing his fragile soul to their inquisitive, prying eye...

  29. Chimes and Scriptwork

    Breaking away from the city’s marketplace, he finally found a registered office by a strangely deserted street. “Damn the earthly souls!” the doorbell chimed when he entered. He ignored it, and went directly to the busy scribe painting on a table...

  30. Journey

    The sun rose above the Wall, casting light and removing shades from the prairies of New North Haven. Shadows weaved back and forth under the grass, seeking more permanent lodgings. The aborigines had left (disappointed) when he refused. All but one hea...

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