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I’m a high school student who is a wannabe author. I publish the prompts that I have written at SWW. I will also put up things I have written in school. I mostly like making challenges, but thats ok. I love writing prose but i’m starting to LOVE poetry if you can’t tell… I think I might be alittle better at it too. I love suggestions so if you could help me out with that I would be greatful. I can’t edit at all. I avoid it all cost. So you have been warned.
Comment on it, rate it, sequel it, prequel it, Please read it. :D


  1. Personally

    Don’t take it personally, They said to me. But, Of course I take it personally. - Tony Hoagland The way the wind makes my hair fall into my face so I can’t see; how my family always takes my moose tracks ice cream, and leaves me with none; how the...

  2. Warning: Long Poem on the Horizon

    They tell you to write what you know, but since I know everything, does that mean I could write for the rest of forever? Would I bore people by then? Of course not. Prepare yourself. This poem will never end…

  3. What They Say, and What I know

    They say to write what you know. Besides basic facts like sky is blue and the grass is green, I know that I don’t like it when people do drugs or smoke. I don’t like it when people my age drink and think it’s cool. I know I don’t like it when p...

  4. Short, to the Point

    They tell you to write what you know. I guess that means this poem ends here.

  5. Something Missing

    Young man. You know something is missing. Something up ahead is broken, not right, ruined. You walk on the bridge waiting for a train to come, while you put one foot on the silver rail and one on the outer ledge. Looking down your dark hair falls into ...

  6. When it Dies

    It’s gone now, shriveling away into nothingness, faded into a shadow mocking what was once there. now even the shadow has disappeared, with nothing else there to comfort it and help it through. That thought just died from loneliness.

  7. They Attacted me.

    They attacked me. Killing my flesh and Making it bloody and raw. (This was originally inside of a picture of a cat.) They attacked my house, torn to shreds. They ruined every piece of furniture and every possession I have ever loved. They killed my fat...

  8. Nine Good Reasons to Break Off a Wedding

    1. His tie was crooked. 2. His groomsman looked at me funny. 3. His mother isn’t Canadian. 4. He blow dries his hair for fun. 5. He has two different sized feet. 6. He prefers white flowers to pink. 7. He doesn’t know the difference between your an...

  9. 12 Word Novels

    I sat and watched as the reds and oranges blazed the towns. Pink, blue, and green ribbons welcomed her home after her long night. He killed her viciously. That’s all the information they needed to know. I see her in the hallways. And all I think is e...

  10. Cold eyes part two

    She was wearing tattered sweatpants with an over-sized jacket and new Nikes. But I didn’t notice until she was gone. I just kept looking at those cold eyes and that empty stroller. Her stroller was not only equipped with everything baby, but it was a...

  11. Cold Eyes Part one

    “People watching,” Katie started, “is different from stalking.” I’m kind of glad I listened to Katie or else I wouldn’t have seen her. She was walking past our table pushing a stroller. The pink floral patterned stroller was equipped with ...

  12. Cold Eyes Part one

    “People watching,” Katie started, “is different from stalking.” I’m kind of glad I listened to Katie or else I wouldn’t have seen her. She was walking past our table pushing a stroller. The pink floral patterned stroller was equipped with ...

  13. What the Sky Has Been Crying

    The sky hates the gossip he hears. All of this talk that he has holes. All of this talk that he’s sick. He’s not helping. The sky has been crying. His tears collect with the inches, then the feet.

  14. Chocolate-Covered

    Hershey bars, Dove squares, Crunch bars and Kit Kats cover the floor. One by one, she unwraps Tootsie rolls and Mr. Goodbars then proceeds to throw the wrappers on the ground. Tears and chocolate stain the blankets. A Snickers mustache lines her mouth....

  15. Learning to Fall

    Let go, He says to me, Just let go. Free yourself. There is nothing, nothing left. Empty your mind and let everything go. Scorch your fields of the strawberries and apples. Take the change from your pocket And give it to the world. Throw away the cloth...

  16. Dear Jimmy (continued)

    Dear Jimmy, Instead of going on the normal walks, I went to see a doctor. Mom calls her a special doctor. Her name was Dr. Greenwood. I talked to her about how you left me. She said it was natural to feel sad about losing a loved one. I told her that t...

  17. Dear Jimmy

    Dear Jimmy, Last night I took a walk. It was the same route we always took before, but this time I was alone. Not like last time. The only thing I had to talk to was the moon. He didn’t talk to me like you did. He listened like you did, but he didn

  18. Chelsea

    I see her shoulder length hair that is unnaturally straightened and stiff. Her intense blue eyes reflect her despair although most people would notice. When she sees the school, she shakes and begins walking slowly. She’s quiet and timid, nervously l...

  19. OK

    You asked me how I was, and honestly, I didn’t know what to tell you. Should I have lied and said that I’m OK? Or should I have told the truth and said that I didn’t know. Instead I told you that I guess I was good, And tried to move on from the...

  20. One Year Too Late

    It was our one year anniversery and he was sitting 4 rows in front of me in the auditorium. I smiled to myself and leaned against my chair. One year! I need to get him something! I thought. The lights dimmed as the guest speaker came on stage. He was a...

  21. A Thank You Not

    Thanks for not being there at the times you were needed most. It was awesome not having your support when you said it would always be nearby. Thanks for never understanding when I couldn’t be there or when I was sick. Thanks for enlightening me on w...

  22. 15 Reasons Why

    Reason Number one- You eat cereal dry Reason Number two- You don’t like milk Reason Number three- You tap your fingers, WAY too much. Reason Number four- You have never once had Starbucks. Reason Number five- Xbox and drumming is your life Reason Num...

  23. Going Places

    His conversations a non stop flight to music-land. His thoughts ship a sea of music notes and staffs. His future an express train to fame and success, he knows is coming.

  24. She is Quite amazing At her job...

    I’ve decided to take this piece down, due to the lack of awesomeness…

  25. Pot Luck Fridays: Kendall's Story (Part 2)

    I’m taking this story down, but since I can’t delete stories…

  26. Pot Luck Fridays: Kendall's Story

    I’m taking this story down, but since I can’t delete stories…

  27. Photographic Evidence (continued Part 4)

    Then, I let out a glass shattering scream that matched the one I heard earlier. The glass cups and fine etched plates, bowls and eating utensils that the customers were using came clattering to the ground and all eyes were on me. “Come. H-here” I ...

  28. Photographic Evidence (continued Part 3)

    Finally, I could click the button. Flawless. I tore around the restaurant desperate for more. “Click.” “Click.” I had every angle I needed. Then I ran to the kitchen. Not just because I was hoping I could snag some cheese pizza which I hear is ...

  29. Photographic Evidence (continued)

    I rummaged through my bag, tore out my camera and placed it around my neck. Even though it was my day off,2 I knew this was it. This was my award winning picture. What would I call it? A silent hell? Quiet chaos? I need this shot. I placed my camera on...

  30. Photographic Evidence

    That’s when it hit me. An $84,000 glass bowl had just smashed into my head. Fine china was being thrown across the Hilldale Italian restaurant. Complete chaos had broken out and no one could tell me why, even though it was clear they all knew somethi...

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