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  1. For Valentine's Day: The Tale of the Lucky Photon

    The luckiest photon in the universe was born a thousand light-years from Earth. After a million years of struggling with its tiny little brothers and sisters, it made its way to the surface of its mother star and shot away into interstellar space at th...

  2. Care and Maintenance

    You’ll want to take special care with your battery pack. It powers your headgear’s network connection, sensors, and reporting channels, and maintains appropriate electrode tension against your vertebra and soft palate. Your spare battery sh...

  3. Headgear

    Your attitude adjustment apparatus has four main components: occipital clamp, dental anchors, and nasal/laryngial probes. Once or twice a week you will visit your therapist, who will help maintain your level of discomfort within acceptable range. While...

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