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She’s a coffee addict with her head stuck in the clouds, daydreaming all day long. She loves Converse shoes, doodles mindlessly on a sketch pad when bored and turns to writing just to clear her mind. She can’t, however, write a poem to save her life.

Loves chocolates, sleep and puppy dogs—in no particular order.


  1. Breaking walls

    He’d been going at it for weeks now. Weeks of him trying to get close to me, weeks of him trying to know me. I know I’ve been rude and quite possibly annoying, yet he still persisted, always coming over to try again. I was never one to warr...

  2. Fearless

    “We should go somewhere else.” “What? Where are we going?” I asked as Tom tugged me towards the car quickly, the drizzle slowly turning into rain. “Wh-! Where are we going? You’re gonna ruin my dress!” “C...

  3. The Piano

    His long, lithe fingers skimmed the top of the glossy black surface, the dust swirling in the air as he breathed. The sunlight illuminated the instrument in an angelic sort of way and Robert couldn’t help but smile at the image that seared throug...

  4. Rain

    I’ve always found the rain very soothing. Sure, a lot of people hated it because honestly—it’s wet, cold and it makes you shiver to your bones. Yeah, I know all about that. But still, I love the rain. It’s been raining non-stop for ...

  5. Say what?

    “Say that again?” I stared back blankly at my best friend, my eyes seemingly bugging out of its sockets. Veronica turned around to face me, her eyes bright and happy while mine seemed to have flickered out. She opened her mouth to speak, on...

  6. Little Miss Average

    Plainsboro High is a school for the rich, famous and beautiful. Everybody in this school had money, a respected name, and a beautiful face. It’s like every single person in this school was fated to be superior—all thanks to their pretty little ...

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