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  1. Game of love

    I forgot what it was like to have a broken heart. I don’t care if you known them for a week or a lifetime when you feel that connection and then it is severed it hurts. It hurts as if someone is squeezing your heart and twisting it at the same ti...

  2. Unattainable (Mature)

  3. rambles (Mature)

  4. want

    Some days I want to slap you, other days I want to kiss you, but today I want to be able to walk away from you.

  5. Confused

    What is the deal between us. That is all I really want to know. I thought I was over you but I’m not as sure as I was a few weeks ago. Now that I am ready to date again I’m not sure that I am over you.

  6. Leap day

    Did you take advantage of your extra day? The possibilities of today were endless. Take a chance ask the guy or the girl that you like out. Say yes to the one you have been saying no to. Do something you wouldn’t do the other 365 days on the leap...

  7. Dear Future Guy (Mature)

  8. not looking for a fairytale (Mature)

  9. Until we meet again (Mature)

  10. ... (Mature)

  11. Seeing

    Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be the age of six again or any young age for that matter? If you haven’t I suggest you sit down with a kid that is six years old and have a conversation with them, because it will baffle you, well at l...

  12. facebook ghost (Mature)

  13. Wrong (Mature)

  14. Long drive home

    After a long day at work as I’m on my drive home, I like to think that you will be at home waiting for me in our bed keeping it warm. On a really long day I like to think that you are up and when you see me pull into the driveway you start runnin...

  15. Bitter young women (Mature)

  16. blank text

    I am suppose to be studying but you are on my mind. All I want to do is talk with you. Nothing profound or epic, just a simple conversation with you on the other line. I want to tell you that I miss you and I wish you were here. I want to speak these f...

  17. Sun gives way to the moon (Mature)

  18. computer (Mature)

  19. just me and nothing special

    When you say it’s just a movie or just a weekend, my heart sinks. It is never really just anything, it is always so much more to me. Just that movie can put me one top of the world or turn this right side up for the rest of that day. Or maybe is ...

  20. what's your story (Mature)

  21. sick day

    “What’s wrong?” Ty watched me as I tired to sit up. “The room in spinning. I just want to get something to eat.” He walked over and placed his hand on my head, " you feel hot and if the room is spinning maybe you shou...

  22. great

    I think that I’m looking for something great in my life. A great love that some people never find. A great idea that can change someone’s life. A great thought that can change my life. A great day that I want to be able to replay in my mind...

  23. 831

    As she laid there in his arm she kept falling in and out of sleep. It had been months since she had seen him. This one was one of the things that they were both missing from each other. As she lay on his chest she felt in being to play with her left ha...

  24. Away (Mature)

  25. rules (Mature)

  26. No longer lonely (Mature)

  27. Long Day (Mature)

  28. Question for Mom

    You ever have a follow-up appointment and have that one person that tells you that everything is going to be ok? Well that person is my mom. I want to ask her if she ever worries that everything isn’t going to be ok. But as her daughter I canR...

  29. Glance (Mature)

  30. Letting him in (Mature)

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