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I go places. I see people. I live.
I write a lot about myself
I just add in details to make myself look cooler.
But in reality…
I’m still pretty fucking cool.


  1. Just A Piece...

    We sat silently, me with my wine balancing carefully between two fingers, his hands holding on to his beer for dear life. “Can I ask you a question.” I asked, taking a steady sip from my glass for some courage. He thought for a moment, his lip curl...

  2. Bobby

    Bobby doesn’t have a day job. He watches British car shows all afternoon. “They have to ride a second hand motorcycle across Vietnam. If it breaks down they have to ride a motorcycle painted with the American flag that plays “Born in the USA ...

  3. Alone

    I wake up in the morning to machines beeping … tubes winding in and around my body. Blood. Lot’s of it. Better call the nurse again. The smell is almost comforting at this point. My body is doing exactly what I want it to do. I took a little pill a...

  4. Underwear

    He calls me one night and says What are you wearing And I switch on my light and say It’s almost five in the morning. Anyone in their right mind is in their underwear. He laughs. It’s deep and sincere and makes me smile. He says So I had this id...

  5. Foolish

    I never had to call and tell her I was on my way, or that I had reached the parking lot. I just walked up to the door and knocked, and she would answer. She would never thank me for coming, or really tell me what was wrong, she just let me in her room,...

  6. How to Hook Up (Mature)

  7. I Still Don't Wanna Go To London

    I guess I have to stop being so romantic with you. Why is that? Because I can’t have you fall in love with me. I need to see my woman more often and you never come. And your wife? And my wife? What he did not know was that I loved him already. ...

  8. I don't want to go to London

    He’d call at one, two, sometimes three in the morning, begging me to jump on a plane to London, Hong Kong, sometimes as close as California, all expenses paid of course. And I would, begrudgingly, decline, keep myself wrapped tight in my covers, and ...

  9. For The Record (cont.) (Mature)

  10. For The Record (Mature)

  11. After Midnight

    Took her home one night after midnight. Told her I would take her anywhere. Told her I would take her anywhere, but I’d never love her. Told her I’d take her picture, but I could never see her beauty. Told her I wanted all of her and none of her al...

  12. The Moment

    One night she took off all her clothes and crawled into bed next to me and said Do you remember what life was like 24 hours ago? and I said, Let’s say that I don’t. 24 hours ago I was living for today. For this very moment. And now it̵...

  13. Hope

    Hope hung herself with a frayed boat rope from a tree that had lived 100 years on a Friday afternoon so that she wouldn’t have to worry about a Saturday night date.

  14. Regret

    “I wish it never happened. Now my summer is ruined.” Xander said, as I carefully drew a portrait of Batman across the cast on his leg. “It’s not ruined, it will just be different.” I urged. Truthfully, I felt like my summe...

  15. Writers Block

    Her professors had lied to her Her study group had lied to her “On Writing Well” had absolutely lied to her They said Writers Block could be overcome. That it was temporary Lies and Slander. It had been months since she had written anythin...

  16. Tobacco Road

    You’re lying in your bed of demons And I’m sleeping in a sea of guilt This sheet of paper’s all I get to tell you How I’m breaking down those walls you built I’ve been smoking up some old tobacco You’ve been blowing ...

  17. The River

    They took a walk off the beaten path one Sunday afternoon, and he carved her name into a tree by the river. “We’ll come back someday and find it” he promised, and she believed him. But two years later they had gone their separate ways. Five yea...

  18. Paternal 2.0

    “So I’ve been sober for five months” he finally said, after several moments of awkward silence and nervous sips of coffee. I stared at him blankly. The reason for his visit was slowly coming together in my mind. “Well what do you think about t...

  19. Paternal

    It was the way he looked when I opened the door. That was the first thing that seemed off. He had filled out more, looked healthier. His eyes were almost vibrant, not the gray circles I remembered them. At the time it didn’t seem odd that he was ther...

  20. What You Are

    What am I to you? You’re a boy who plays games, breaks my heart Changes lanes, without looking On the highway, who only comes my way When you’ve been drinking …. So lately I’ve been thinking You’re not worth this. (prove ...

  21. Still Drunk

    She kept her hands across her face for the majority of the ride. When we got to the house I carried her up the stairs, into the bathroom, and placed her carefully in the tub. I ran the water warm and helped her out of most of her clothes. The rising su...

  22. Drunk

    The road was deserted at four in the morning. The apartments loomed at the end of a long dark road, and I could see her car parked in front of one of the buildings. I pulled up beside it, not sure if I should beep or get out and look for her. A moment ...

  23. Oh Darling

    Oh Darling I Like to call you when you’ve been drinking It’s when you tell me all the ways I’m beautiful. Oh Darling I like to hear you say life is so hard without me I like the way you cry into the telephone Oh Darling I know itR...

  24. Not Cut

    The room smelled like him after. I remember when I used to lay in bed with the sheets under my nose after he left, just trying to catch that smell. Now it’s making me sick. My hair smells like cigarettes, but not my Marlboros, his Camels. He who nev...

  25. Finish What We Started

    We were sitting on a bed, much like the previous bed, in a room, much like the previous room, only this time we had clothes on, and we were sober. “You know what I mean right?” he asked, “I like her and all. I am just extremely attracted to you.

  26. A Classic Case

    She’s The Classic Case Of A Girl Who Doesn’t Know How Pretty She Is. She Wears Too Much Makeup and Not Enough Clothing. She Likes The Boys The Other Pretty Girls Ignore, Because she just doesn’t know better. She tries to hide the ...

  27. The Writing On The Wall prt IV

    Me at 26 is alone again, lying on a bathroom floor. My face is numb, that’s a weird feeling. I’m so sick. Dope sick, that’s what it’s called. Take a few more hits and I’ll be fine again. I just gotta get up. But I’m so tired, and my head is...

  28. The Writing On The Wall prt III

    Cut to me at 23, watching Mickey pack up his stuff and leave me. Listen to him tell me I’m drinking too much. I’m not drinking too much. I’m not drinking enough. I haven’t slept in 3 three days. I just need to relax. And I have a job. Addicts d...

  29. The Writing On The Wall prt II

    Cut to me at 19 driving my Dad home from rehab, again, kissing him on the cheek before he went into the apartment. Zoom in on me saying, “I Love you Daddy.” As I drive away, back to college and dorm room and parties and a boy I might just be in lov...

  30. The Writing On The Wall prt. I

    Anthony and Claire, So Sexy 92’. Reads the writing on the bathroom wall. Cut to me at age 10, standing up in front my teachers and my mom and my peers proudly proclaiming a drug free life. This place really sucks. I wonder how many people have fucked...

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