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  1. Strip'd

    You showed me how it could be done: one little kink in the paper strip & suddenly there was no inside, or outside, no up or down, just one continuous surface no one could fall off of. You Moebius -stripped my world, your wristed twist throwing ne...

  2. Keep Breathing

    I cannot be with/out you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. Love retrospective

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ even the memory makes me shiver. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Vertigo

    I am walking so carefully now one foot in front of the other, trying not to look to the side, keeping my eyes down low for the rocks and ridges and rough life in front of me, picking my way like a woman of eighty or eighteen, cautious, knowing what it ...

  5. Restless bed

    My bed gives up my secrets. It has no discretion, my flagrant, wanton bed. Open like a book to read me, the sheets and pillows of it. For a new lover, my bed boasted a new silken coverlet, and when he was away, a child’s teddy appeared as if in a...

  6. Journeywoman

    After more than a year of putting steps between herself and what had happened, she found she had lost every extra piece of flesh she used to carry. It wasn’t on purpose. She had been eating food, certainly. But food didn’t seem to be what was neede...

  7. Tip of Your Tongue (Mature)

  8. Love is not love

    It alters not & if it does, was not - But I knew different, didn’t i? It came in with a rush of all it could be A goodness and mercy over-running my table But I knew different, didn’t I? I portioned out the parts to share Of goodness, with merc...

  9. Seen

    Today I saw a man who looked like you. Like you, a man I saw today looked at me the way you like to look, or would like to look - I think. Or perhaps he looked at me the way I like to think you’d like to look, if only you could look at me as you woul...

  10. Please

    will you woo me? quite undo me see right through me untie true me will i take you? all unmake you .. salty lake you, shake you take you

  11. Love story.

    Me in your arms, then us, then she. Your arms gone now. ~~~~~

  12. Love story.

    Me in your arms, then us, then she. Your arms gone now. ~~~~~

  13. Motherlove

    When it was new to me, I thought that having children meant you cut off a piece of your heart, and tucked it raw into their little bodies, and they would go off wandering in the world, clueless, clumsy. Who knows what might happen to them, I thought, ...

  14. Two Moons (Mature)

  15. Blindness part 2

    I refuse to stumble out of doorways My whole heart is in my legs now, in my feet Though my thighs swing easy from my hips The efforts of it’s hidden in me deep My whole heart is in my legs now, in my feet The last memory of your voice is finally fadi...

  16. Blindness ~ a pantoum

    [this pantoum is in two parts cos it breaks the maximum character limit] These empty rooms are filled with blindness I cannot see what has been left me here Mostly I try to rearrange things So that it won’t matter that you’re gone I cannot see what...

  17. Déjà vu

    Absolved of sin you let me in and made me sin once more & though i cried, you dignified me right down to the floor.

  18. Companion

    Look into my eyes & hold me close though I am far from you and tell me true the things you say I cannot hear when I am near, yet reach me through the fog of far-away-from-you. & though I be beside you, when you see in me the need to hide and ru...

  19. High Tide

    i opened up the shell of me to him as common as it sounds that juicy clam-like sea-wet self all briny and a thief of sailors’ souls i opened up with uncrossed thighs his sighs were mine, divine tangled in his hair the seawrack of my fingers pulle...

  20. A Wanted Man

    She watches herself in the mirror, dressing, pulling on a layer and then another of camoflage, hiding her skin and her shape from the world, masking her face in the beauties of the day. Shimmering bronze for her eyelids, the twin heavy wings of mascara...

  21. Further (a villanelle)

    Wondering quietly how far I should go and how many signposts are there on the way, I feel for the map of my heart and I know its more crumpled edges are tearing, and so I tuck it inside and greet a new day, (still) wondering quietly how far I should g...

  22. Suspension

    golden glow of skin held tight in rope around her extends one foot; spins

  23. attentuated

    When your head is tired there’s a heaviness a lethargy like syrup slowing you up and things that should be simple, or at least quick to do are lost to you in their unknowableness. The thing to do is sleep. When your heart is tired there’s a...

  24. Look / find

    Where did i leave it, my peace of mind, my laughter? Back soon. Gone searching.

  25. Haiku

    breathless, eyebrows rise unknowing recognition is it really you?

  26. No

    You can’t keep this, you told me when you handed me your heart perfect shaped with that part that seem to fit right into mine You can’t keep this, you said and i looked up as i held it mercury-like slipping through my fingers already

  27. remember

    it’s the way the wind moves the clouds over the trees and a slight breath of it lifts the grasses full and heavy and ripe and fit to burst and somewhere a piece of paper blown twists in the wind almost dancing and this was the sun that shone in ...

  28. Walking

    On the day he left me I bought a pair of purple shoes no heel and pale stitching over the toe, a buckle there to pull myself together and they were not supposed to be purple but grey I thought, grey or a non-colour. But when I asked my children they sa...

  29. Piece of Tail (Mature)

  30. words.

    there is a language between the words, between the silences between the breaths and the sighs and the wondering quite what happened there is a language in the craters and the still-smoking ruins left after the air raid, and a language in the straining ...

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