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  1. Paris, Je Vous Combattrai

    The protesters surrounded me, brandishing signs with anti-war slogans. I didn’t speak French, so I had no idea what they were shouting, but given my Navy dress uniform I could guess. Not wanting to cause trouble, I kept walking along the bank of ...

  2. Kiss Me, I'm Inebriated

    “I love St. Patrick’s Day!” the cute, drunk brunette told Dave. He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. Behind them, the band played a treacly version of Danny Boy, with the crowd in the bar singing along to the few bits that p...

  3. Objets d'Art

    The last time I saw Paris, I was on a mission. My boyfriend and I assembled our tools—guidebook, cameras, tickets—and made our way to the nearest Metro station. After a short ride made long by a Frenchman who took a cavalier approach to hyg...

  4. Workaholic

    “The last time I saw Paris,” he said, taking a drag from his cigarette, “it was on fire.” “Because you set it on fire,” I said. “Well.” He waved dismissively, smoke curling around his scarred right hand. “Someone had to.” My jaw cle...

  5. Those Who Favor Fire

    “The last time I saw Paris,” he said, taking a drag from his cigarette, “it was on fire.” “Because you set it on fire,” I said. “Well.” He waved dismissively, smoke curling around his scarred right hand. ...

  6. Wine Woman

    The last time I saw Paris in person, he was headed to the village for supplies, promising our son Corythus that he’d be right back. I saw him later in visions and wished the gift of prophecy wasn’t part of being a demi-god. It’s one t...

  7. Swords and Mirrors

    Artie was surprised to see someone up fishing before him. He waved, and the old man sitting on the edge of the dock returned the wave, rod held loosely in his tanned hands. The edges of the old man’s straw hat stuck up like a crown. Artie careful...

  8. Someone's Got to Do It

    He watched the woman fall to her knees, hands clasped, her eyes filling up with tears. “Please,” she said. “Today is my anniversary. My husband is—” “It’s always something,” he interrupted. “Birthda...

  9. Apocalypse

    It’s those little animals again. Hrrk thought at Grrah, who stopped munching on figs to look. What are they doing? Seems like they’re sifting through our excrement, Grrah thought back. How odd. I wonder where they came from? And what is tha...

  10. In the Beginning Was the End

    In the beginning they had no eyes; they wove in darkness with black thread. Then He Who Is gave eyes to the spinner, and fibers of many colors, and so the world began. But it was chaotic and without form, so He Who Is gave eyes to the weaver, and she o...

  11. Truth, Dead

    The attic was full of piled-up boxes, bins of rolled up paper, old furniture and knickknacks collecting dust. Under a sheet in the corner, they found what they had come for. “Big ugly lump of a thing, isn’t it?” Adam said. “We d...

  12. Vice

    “Name?” asked the demon with the clipboard. “Rob White,” the man responded, running a hand through his thinning hair. “All right, Mr. White, I see you’re guilty of lusting after your secretary?” “What?...

  13. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall (Mature)

  14. You Are What You Eat

    “Where are you going?” Naomi asked. “I know a shortcut,” Bob replied, one hand resting on the steering wheel while the other fiddled with the radio. Power metal filled the car and Naomi rolled her eyes. “This is the wrong ...

  15. Coquetry Will Cost You

    “So,” the man said, flashing Calliope a charming smile, “what’s a nice girl like you…” He trailed off as he noticed her belt with its dangerous-looking attachments and her large hover boots. “Oh, you know,̶...

  16. Why Do We Even Bring Him

    “It’s over, Armordillo,” Blast Girl said, tapping at his shell. “You can come out now.” “What?” came the muffled response. Blast Girl sighed. “Why do we even bring him?” she asked Jade Fist. He shru...

  17. Empty

    Everyone thought she was a writer, so on every festive occasion they bought her blank notebooks. Black ones with lined pages and rubber bands to hold them closed. Red ones with half blank, half lined pages so she could write and doodle. Leather ones th...

  18. Late Bloomer

    Soon Aiden had to be kept away from the other kids. Home schooled. It was easier. Bad enough that his little sister made fun of him for being so small. The family moved a lot. Military brats, the kids were called. By Aiden’s tenth birthday he was...

  19. Obituary (2)

    Over the next thirty years, she composed her novel and communicated it to doctors through a tedious battery of yes or no questions using increasingly sophisticated brain scanning techniques. It was well received by critics and the public alike, despite...

  20. Obituary (1)

    MIAMI, FL – Valerie, the author whose only novel, Job’s Complaint, won both the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize the year it was released, was remembered in a ceremonial ship burial today off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida. She died of na...

  21. Protocol (2)

    Twenty-two hours later, just after ten in the morning, I was dragged into the world with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. Six pounds, seven ounces. My mother couldn’t believe it. “All that work for that little thing?” she said. My father...

  22. Protocol (1)

    My mother was in labor for five hours before she became convinced that natural childbirth was a mistake. “Drugs!” she screamed. “I want drugs!” It was too late for an epidural and morphine was out of the question. She had to get...

  23. Technicality

    “I don’t know, this is pretty tenuous logic.” Euphorion raised an eyebrow at his father. “To you, perhaps,” Aeschylus said. “What do you know of reproduction?” “I know a cow never calved without a bull,&#...

  24. E is for Exorcism

    “I’m looking for a book on demonic possession.” Betsy plastered on a smile. The customer wore a faded overcoat in the dead of summer. His gray hair was thinning at the top and stuck out all over. “I think we have some in the rel...

  25. Plenipotentiary (Mature)

  26. Frangible

    Shots rang out above the heads of two soldiers leaning against a makeshift barricade in the center of the road. “Cease-fire’s over, I guess,” said Private Abrams. “Not until we get orders,” said Private Michaels. “Ca...

  27. Lacuna

    Marie was always happiest in gaps. Empty spaces. As a child, she hid in the center of the clothing racks at department stores, or in the corner of the living room between sofa and loveseat. When it rained she tried to dart between drops to stay dry. He...

  28. Draconian

    Xanthes wiped the sweat from his forehead, leaning against the plow as Dicaeopolis swallowed water from his flagon. “Do you think he’ll do it?” Xanthes asked. Dicaeopolis squinted at him. “Best not to get hopes up,” he sai...

  29. Flagitious Times

    It was an uneasy moral ground that Marik inhabited. She had been taught that each person was born in his rightful place as ordained by the gods, and that no man should seek to exceed his caste lest the gods strike him down for doubting their wisdom. Wo...

  30. Onus

    She had been lucky. In her homeland, Marik was a loman, a step up from casteless. Here, in the famed city of Gilnair, her merit was judged by her deeds rather than the misfortune of her birth. She prayed to mighty Tosh to grant her strength and speed, ...

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