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  1. Misunderstanding

    Mike was so excited about his first real dive that he sat on the boat in full gear for a half hour while the other divers finished preparing. “You sure you’re ready, Mike?” Steve quipped. “The sink is still in the galley.”...

  2. Quotidian

    Calliope Cervantes slammed the man’s face against the ground, twice. His nose bled profusely, but she didn’t feel sorry for him; he HAD tried to slice her arm off with a nanofilament sword. “A sword,” she muttered. “I mean...

  3. Following Orders

    “Smoking is prohibited in this area, sir.” Lars glared at the security bot, its too-human face emotionless. Barricaded in a stairwell of the Corporation headquarters, they waited for the rebels to break through to their position. “Sho...

  4. Invasion

    It started with Agnes Carruthers, or rather with her cat, Pickles. He looked her calmly in the eyes and said, “They are coming,” then went back to washing his pink nether bits. She tried to warn her children, but they thought she was going ...

  5. "Moist, with one drop of thy blood, my dry soule"

    She stood in the doorway smiling at me, dark hair loose around her shoulders, her dress torn as I had—but no, she lay on the floor at my feet, warm skin growing cold, mouth open in an inchoate scream. “Look what you’ve done, my love,&...

  6. Dolores

    She wondered if her mother had named her in a burst of prescience, or if her name had led her to this. Dolores. Pains. She felt them more keenly than other people did, so they paid her to do the feeling for them. She put on a black dress, pulled a blac...

  7. Largess

    The curator and her assistant stared at the painting, which was the size of a small bus. Finally, Hugh spoke. “God, it’s ugly.” “That’s modern art for you,” Amy said. “How much is it worth?” “Millio...

  8. How to Be Deep When Your Life Is Pretty Okay

    It is not easy to write about granola bars and ripe bananas, the ineffable angst of losing an expensive cell phone, addiction to organic lip gloss and hand cream. There is little gravitas in sushi despite an allergy to avocado, and cats simply expect t...

  9. Fatuous (Mature)

  10. Bonhomie

    He’d asked for someone easy-going. Pleasant. Good-looking, any ethnicity. Oh, and with at least a master’s degree in physics, preferably a PhD, specializing in optics. Neil gave the agency his credit card information, trying to be hopeful a...

  11. Roborant

    I wondered how old he was when I killed him. A century? Two? Ten? He looked to be almost fifty until I wiped off layers of makeup, revealing the face of a man in his early thirties at most. No matter. The bowl was mine, now. It was about five inches in...

  12. Myrmidon

    There was still something of the ant in us, in the blackness of our armor, the way we formed neat lines as we summoned our rage for battle. Entering the fray, our spears were as stingers piercing our enemies, our swords as sharp jaws cutting through fl...

  13. Mirror Out of Order

    The sign read, “Mirror Under Repair. Please Do Not Use.” Carla stared at it in confusion. The mirror appeared to be perfectly fine: nothing was broken or chipped or discolored… With a shrug, she dismissed the sign as a prank and dropp...

  14. Adventures of a Jedi Librarian

    Victaella Trannyth surveyed the library sourly. She wondered how she had gotten stuck on this backwater planet where the books were written out by hand onto strips of mashed tree fibers. The amount of space required to store the stacks of “paper&...

  15. The Aztec Priest's Wife

    “Darling, could you please pass the knife?” “Of course, dear.” Millie handed the obsidian dagger to her husband Juan, who raised it over his head as he continued the incantation. She had always found it a bit theatrical but perh...

  16. Happy Death Day to You

    “Emma, what’s wrong?” Jason touched her arm and she jumped. “It’s almost my birthday,” she muttered. “You know how it is.” Jason shook his head. “Actually, no. I don’t know when I was born....

  17. Note Tucked Into a Rare Greek Book

    I was mad to think of translating this, and if there is justice left in this misbegotten fiend-ridden universe then the man who sold me this book will suffer my fate. If his store can still be found on Marvell Street and Providence Lane, I beg you to s...

  18. Ad Astra Per Apiarium

    “It’s bees, I’m afraid,” Jill said, wiping greasy hands on her jumpsuit. Rachel groaned. “Again? I just had the knees resealed. How do they get in?” Jill shrugged. “Beats me why they would think a giant robot i...

  19. The Neverending Rivalry

    Captain Edward leveled his blaster down the umbilicus and into the other ship, firing indiscriminately. When his shots were met with silence, he gestured and a half dozen pirates rushed forward, screaming threats and defiance. He followed them, drawing...

  20. Dinosaurs Are a Girl's Best Friend (Mature)

  21. Guaranteed Fresh

    A lone figure moved through the cold air of the warehouse, walking past row after row of boxed apples and potatoes and onions that awaited shipment. Bluish fluorescent lights flickered on as they sensed his motion, then dimmed as his footsteps faded aw...

  22. Blind Man Reading

    If you have found him, it is probably too late for you. He sits on a park bench at night under a flickering street lamp, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses, a large book open on his lap. A cane rests beside him, confirming that he is blind. His lips m...

  23. The Last Fish in the Sea

    The others had disappeared one by one, sometimes several in a day, sometimes only one a week. He hadn’t given it much thought at the time but now that he was alone, he was nervous. Rubbing up against the fern leaves didn’t make him feel bet...

  24. Do You Sleep Anymore

    They met at the grocery store, both waiting in line to buy Boca burgers and pepper jack cheese. Josh told the girl that she had forgotten the buns and she begged him to hold her spot. He did. She was grateful. Her name was Lisa. He ran into her again a...

  25. Miami Rush Hour

    Sunlight glints off cars creeping down the black highway Empty azure sky

  26. The Hunters Enter the Woods

    Delilah lay in the same spot for three days until the whispered call finally came through her earbud. “North, two thousand meters, moving southwest.” Slowly, calmly, Delilah took up her position behind her sniper rifle. Below the bluff wher...

  27. At Least Death Only Comes Once

    “Damn burglar-proof doors,” Calliope Cervantes muttered as she kicked at the metal slab and, instead of flying into the apartment, it acquired a hoverboot-shaped dent and scorch marks. Maybe he didn’t hear that, she thought. Inside, t...

  28. If You Plan Revenge, Dig Two Graves

    Steve reminded himself that she had killed his father as he followed Paul’s instructions on how to dispose of her body. The whole house reeked as the chemicals dissolved flesh and bone into thick fluid that oozed down the drain. Elena stood outsi...

  29. Robot and Pony Show

    You can train a horse to handle a lot of things, except robots, I thought sadly, my head bouncing off another rock. What had possessed me to try to ride one? “Get back here, you coward!” Oh, right. The guys with the arm cannons and the sunn...

  30. You Get What You Pay For

    “I don’t believe you.” The man’s voice echoed like he was calling from a bathroom. Giselle sighed. “Sir, if you play the numbers I give you, then you’ll have proof.” “But you’ll only give me three n...

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