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My friends are my heart for I love them so. My parents are my eyes for they gave me the ability to see the world in new ways. My brother are my hands for he gives me someone to hold on to in good times and bad. My dog is my feet for he supports me so. My feelings are on my sleeve for I express them so. My life is my smile for it gives me reasons to smile. My dreams are the stars in my eyes for I see them so often. God is my soul for he is the one who molded me. ~ Hope Johnson. (me)

- I may be a little crude
- I am compassionate.
- I hate logic with a passion, for it is truly not real.
- I am a deep thinker.
- I see the world for what it has to offer.
- My thoughts are deep rooted
- I am open to anything
- I am generally a very happy person.
- If you mess with me or my friends your gonna end up Dead.
- Once you get into my heart, I will never forget you. "
- I love easily
- I may be annoying.
- I try to be honest.
- I try to be the best person I can be.


  1. #2. Different.

    This morning, seemed like all the others, boring and dull. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast. But something seemed like it was missing. There was just something very offputting. I got on my jacket and backpack warily, thinking hard of...

  2. Intro: Circles that break.

    Every dawn that breaks, there’s always night to come up again, like a never ending circle. Every day I would wake up, Go to school, go home, do my homework, got to sleep, and the cycle would repeat itself. The repetition honestly bored me to tear...

  3. Merry Christmas.

    Merry shouts, Laughter rebounding off the walls. The ever crackling of the fire as it fills the room with it’s warmth. The mistletoe being hung under the doorways, as lovers kiss. The white snow fills the fields, as kids run and shout, their chee...

  4. The Mirror.

    I touch this cold glass smooth under my fingertips Framed with rubies at the top And gold all round. with Love at every corner and Joy at every sparkle This is no ordinary mirror this is truly extraordinary It shows me in her. I see my world crystal cl...

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