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  1. The Hunt pt. 2

    The drum of pulsing veins grows ever louder as she gains on her prey, and with every passing fractional second she draws nearer, and nearer, and yet nearer, and then there is a flash of pressure. The wall bursts to permit the point, then the edge, to p...

  2. The Hunt pt. 1

    The huntress shifts across night in a silent power that echoes across the plains, seeking blood and owning her land with a surety that escapes all else and is hers alone. She smells a warmth and hears a pounding, the flutter of a heartbeat so close to ...

  3. Dick

    It wasn’t as if I couldn’t see the headlights of that car. I had time, and plenty of it, to get out of the way. I just stood on the white stripes of that crosswalk and stared him down. If he was really so bent on murdering me, he’d wa...

  4. Expatrination

    There had been an inquisition, of sorts, into the nature of the Expatrination. Some said it was inevitable; others, that it had been unforeseeable. Walking in the halls of the capital building, I subtly felt that it was in some way a mix of both. When ...

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