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I am just an ordinary girl, living in an ordinary town. There is nothing really remotely special about me.

When I was younger, I used to make up a bunch of stories that I have forgotten over the years, but, when I’m lucky sometimes a story pops into my head, and then it takes a while, but I eventually get it written down.


  1. Maika Maile. (Mature)

  2. Dear Daddy.

    You’ve hurt me. This time, I don’t know if I have the strength to forgive you. I know I will never forget what you’ve done. You no longer have 4 daughters. You only have me. Maybe not even that. The only reason I stand up for you is b...

  3. The steps I take

    I really want to move on from this, but the memories that keep replaying in my head won’t let me. Why can’t I let you go? Set you free with the steps I take towards home. Have you forgotten everything that’s happened? Or do you still ...

  4. The steps I take

    I really want to move on from this, but the memories that keep replaying in my head won’t let me. Why can’t I let you go? Set you free with the steps I take towards home. Have you forgotten everything that’s happened? Or do you still ...

  5. Forgetting [A poem]

    I’ve tried to forget. Forget what’s happened. Forget the cruelty. It’s just a constant reminder. A reminder of the Darkness. My Darkness. Forever. Now that It’s found me. It will stay. Forever. No Matter how much I fight. No m...

  6. My Darkness. [A Poem]

    Just leave me here. In this eternal fire. Face the facts. The Darkness is here to stay. There is nothing you can do. Nothing. Don’t try. You’ll burn too. I don’t want that. I never have. Never will. Just leave me here. I’ll...

  7. Memories [A Poem]

    What happens to them? When we leave? when we die? Do they stay? Or are they forever washed away, like the sands of time. Grasped in an instant, then forgotten.

  8. The Academy - Warning (8)

    OK, so before anything remotely interesting happenes, I have to yet again warn you. If I don’t, trust me, things will get messy. You know about The Academy, and you know you can’t tell anyone, you know a vague discription of what it looks l...

  9. The Academy - (7) Munchkins Part Two

    Jasmine is 9, but tries to act as if she is Michael’s age. She has caramel colored skin, and chocolate eyes, and apparently the ability to act super cute and get whatever she wants. (A skill that she uses quite often on the teachers) Next is Elena, s...

  10. The Academy - Munchkins (6) Part One

    Well, now that you know all of that, I think I should tell you about The Munchkins (aka the kids we watch, me and John that is, he’s not much older than me, he’s 16) Michael is the oldest at 14, he doesn’t like that someone is responsable for him...

  11. Sun & Moon [A Poem]

    The bright summer sun shines upon one who puts themself behind the needy. However the cold winter moon casts a gloomy shadow over one who is selfish and greedy.


    What if one day you woke up and life was different? Really different. Would you care? Would you think it was cool? If life was backwards, if you thought differently, did things differently, would you like it? Would you hate it? What if that moment was ...

  13. The Academy - Schedule (5)

    I guess I should tell you a little about what goes on at The Academy. Well we (the kids) over 11 are assigned a job, or jobs depending on age. Here’s the basic schedule for 11-17 year olds: 5:ooam Wake up 6:ooam Breakfast 7:ooam Training 8:ooam Schoo...

  14. I don't know [A Poem]

    I don’t know what happened I don’t know why why She doesn’t laugh or why She seldom cries I don’t know what you did to Her I don’t know why She lies I only know that I see defeat within Her lonely eyes. I know that you’re both hurting I kno...

  15. Holocaust

    “Where are they going?” whispered Daisy “I don’t know, just keep quiet so they don’t hear us, and get away from that window! " I whispered harshly. We were in an attic of an old house that overlooks a street, I have n...

  16. You Should Know [A Poem]

    You should know you hurt Her You should know She cried You should know She won’t speak You should know a part of Her died You should know what happened From Her point of view You should know the whole story Not just what She tells you. She should...

  17. The Academy - Responsabilities (4)

    I should probably explain to you what The Academy is, what it looks like. Well, it’s much like a big castle, well heck, it is a big castle, minus the mote and killer alligators. Don’t get me wrong, we have a killer security system, and if a...

  18. The Academy - Grown Up (3)

    I have deffinately grown up a lot. Now, instead of cowering in fear over that 20+ foot wall, I take the jump easily, without hesitation. Fear is weakness. I haven’t just grown mentally, I’ve grown physically too. I am now 5’8, and hav...

  19. The Academy - Prologue (1)

    My name is Liza. This is my story, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it, that’s your decision. However, if you do decide to read this, then I must urge you to say nothing about whatever goes on in these pages to anyone. It ...

  20. Eventually [A Poem]

    I miss the way we used to be when i was safe within your arms when we could reach the stars. Your warm embrase sheilding me from pain you would hold me tight and never let me go promised you would never leave You broke your promise. At least we have th...

  21. The Academy - The Drop (2)

    December 12, 2001 “I was so not made for this” " Just do it." These words came from my instructor, my mentor, John. Liza looked from the wall’s ledge at the 20+ foot drop into-well that was it, into what? What lied beneath t...

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