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  1. Seeking Life (part 3) (Mature)

  2. Seeking Life (part 2)

    She couldn’t open her eyes. They were too heavy. Everything felt weightless. “Why can’t I lift my arm?” she tried to speak but the words died in her throat in a garbled, flat noise. “Don’t try to move, lieutenant. Yo...

  3. Seeking Life

    She stepped out of the compression chamber into the medic bay. Her head was pounding but it was nothing compared to the dread that filled her stomach with acid. They all gathered around the door as she expected. They all want to know what happened. Her...

  4. The Closet, Part 5

    “Put the gun down, you fool.” Father had already brushed away those brief tears. Had he loved her? “Why are all of our mothers dead?” Rob’s voiced hitched with raw emotion. He was fifteen and more mature than any of the boys Jenna met at scho...

  5. The Closet, Part 4

    The closet door flung open and she was caught sitting on the floor with the file in her lap. Emma and the twins fled the room crying hysterically. She was suddenly angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” She screamed at him, jumping up and flinging the...

  6. The Closet, Part 3

    In the room she shared with little Emma and the creepy twins she immediately went to the closet for privacy. It was their secret place, anyone who needed privacy could use the closet. They each had a hidden shoe box under the floor boards. It was how t...

  7. The Closet, Part 2

    Father pounded down the hall after them. Jenna almost cried out in fear, but she opened the refrigerator and shoved her head in to cool her brow and hide her face. Rob was saying something about her getting more computer time, but Jenna couldn’t ...

  8. The Closet, Part 1

    “What was that? Oh my God, I’m not cut out for this. I think my heart is going to explode.” Jenna’s mind was racing. She looked over at Rob who was guarding the door. He moved his hands up and down rapidly… come on – faster! Focus. She look...

  9. Stupid life.

    She woke up in a dark mood despite the sun exploding through the curtains. Stupid sun. Stupid morning. Stupid day. Her mind picked up where it left off when she finally drifted off to sleep the night before. “Stupid life,” she mumbled as sh...

  10. Rebirth on Safari

    All bike messengers harbor a death wish. Being alive is the greatest adrenaline rush and, for Jim, the ultimate let down. For all of the chances Jim takes on the road, he believes he’s truly a coward. Today is different. He’s finally on the...

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