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Hey! I’m Racing, so yeah, call me that. I’ve missed you guys and writing my favorite stories so much. All the people on here are such great writers— I’m glad to be reading stories by them again! It’s really good to be back… I’m going to attempt to be on lots, though sometimes it’s just not possible. A lot of you old Ficlets writers probably don’t remember me. I’m not as famous as, say, Elsha, or THX, or any of the other various celebs. I’m just… Me. :)

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Yeah, it’s so good we had to call it something. But I still can’t tell you what it’s about! Read on, Ficlyteers! The main character is Carlie, and because I like that name, she is named after the girl in Teenager.

Just a bunch of teenagers that are supernaturals… You need to read it to get what it’s about.


  1. death

    Death is a home that is lacking, a home without joy and routine and laughter. A house that, no matter how many lights you turn on or how many sunrises you meet, will feel dark and cold and empty. Breathing is harder and you can’t cry, because the...

  2. life

    Life is temperature, freezing flash or creeping warmth. It’s me, trying to look alright. It’s you, trying not to breathe. It’s us, and the calamity that we are and that we cause. Life is a ruin, and not even one of historical signific...

  3. Hunter: Breathe

    The doctor moved the boy, covered my body with a sheet, and left them to grieve while he saved those that could still be saved. It was silent, traumatized and dead silence, that I woke to. The heart monitor didn’t beep— the man had turned i...

  4. A Letter To Death

    Death— Why must you steal the ones we love, Death? Peace in death, only to tear the hearts of friends and family wide open for all to see. There’s not much I can do, here. They had plans, they had time— or they should’ve. They w...

  5. Hunter: Pull The Plug

    The doctor blew into the room, not unlike a thunderstorm, and with the same ferocity delivered the news: “I’m afraid your friend is… well, braindead. We stopped getting readings just a few minutes ago. As such, tragedy as this is, we ...

  6. Reality

    What is real What is fake Life Death Is anything real Life can’t be real not with what happens in it Pain like raindrops scatter life across desolate plains— Plains of mind, plains of skin, plains of the desert kind Scarlet drips Life flare...

  7. Hunter: Slowly, Now

    It had been hours since the explosive start of the concert, and the band had left the stage. I followed them, unwilling to be alone, and my wolf followed me. Now we hung out backstage with them, drinking and laughing, like we hadn’t a care in the...

  8. Hunter: Never Leave This Place

    I eventually hopped down from the riser, wandering the stage and gaining smiles from the band’s members. My wolf stayed, just calmly staring after me as I clambered up on one of the ego risers, grinning to myself as I sat, legs dangling off into ...

  9. Hunter: Leave Me Be

    A soothing voice has entered the band, spinning epics and speaking words that seem fitting only to me. It is not the voice, but a different voice, one I know well. I calm, dropping my arms from my legs and slowly letting my legs dangle off the riser, t...

  10. Hunter: Returning? I Don't Want To

    Carlie. Oh God no, that voice was back. The one that had started this nightmare the one that reminded me of everything that had happened outside of this world, outside of this world when this world was all I wanted. This world, my stage world. But no. ...

  11. Hunter: This World

    I drifted, my mind a scarred stage. The kind of stage that rock bands light on fire, and scream their raw emotion lyricals to thousands. Music surrounded me, a haunting guitar, an anwsering guitar that spoke so sweetly, the faint but steady beat of a d...

  12. Hunter: Losing Control

    I wavered on my feet, form flickering, eyes closing and opening, my whole soul fluttering. I heard Jason growl at Mack, Look what you’ve done! and Mack’s wordless snarl of a reply before they continued their battle. A sudden gush of warmth ...

  13. Hunter: This Isn't Fair

    Carlie, He called, voice just for me as his eyes were as well, Carlie… His voice was of a deep timbre, and he smiled, baring sharp white fangs that somehow… Didn’t seem threatening. Carlie, honey, come here. The command was sweetened,...

  14. Hunter: Faceoff

    There was no movement on the backyard-turned-battleground. Then there was. But it was not Mack or I who had; no, it was Jason. He coiled his muscles and surged through the air like a Dire wolf- in fact, he was easily big enough to be one. Instantly Ron...

  15. Hunter: Oncoming Storm

    He pounded through the door, and not even an instant later I, too, ducked through the door. We dashed across the deck, down the steps and across the yard. Stopping at the tree line, we both looked back. Standing on the deck was five figures, a single h...

  16. Hunter: Gotta Get Away

    Carlie, get ready. Good? Go. I snarled, lips twitching under his hand, and in the next moment, I gathered all the strength possible to me and rose, staggering under the boy’s muscular weight. Jason snarled as Mack let go, and Mack just smirked, a...

  17. Hunter: Confession of Sorts

    “A-a vampire?! What, no! I had no clue— I didn’t even know werewolves existed, much less that I was one!” I stammered, anger rising and if I could blush through fur, boy I would be doing it. Mack glared at Jason, practically rea...

  18. Lost, 2

    I stare down at you. You, kneeling on the cold, hard ice at a frozen angel’s feet. Your tears freeze on your overly pale face. How can you do this? Is this… Because of me? I say your name softly. Watch you spin. Watch your eyes light up whe...

  19. Lost

    I wander back and forth, from one old hangout to the next old hangout. Back and forth, back and forth… Where did you go? You were here… Then you weren’t. Did you leave because of me? Or because… Because I can’t be me anymo...

  20. Hunter: A Cold Reunion

    “Aline?” I gasped again, turning around to stare at the figurine that stood behind Mack. Aline smiled coldly, stepping forward, shoving Mack out of the way. He snapped at her, but she dismissed him for me. I stared at her, gold eyes narrowi...

  21. Hunter: Shock

    I stared at myself in the full body mirror, eyes wide in shock and slight fear. I tried backing up but Mack was there. Jason came up beside me, put his hand on my back and said, " We told you, Carlie. You’re a werewolf." I whimpered, &#...

  22. Hunter: Confusion

    Vision faintly blurry, I peered up at Jason and Mack. “Hi… Guys…” Unable to speak much more, I lay on the floor still. Curled up and panting, I wondered, if this felt so good, why it still left me with no breath. The two stared ...

  23. When riding, you have

    Freedom. { 60 character minimum not yet met, 60 character-}

  24. Hunter: Born Again (Mature)

  25. Hunter: Nothing But Pain (Mature)

  26. Hunter: Painful (Mature)

  27. Hunter: OMFG

    I sat up, propping myself up on my hands, leaning back into them as I stared back at the cat. The cat stared back, still purring. I bet if cats could laugh, instead of purring, that’s what that cat would’ve been doing. It took me a minute t...

  28. Hunter: Being Watched by Wolves

    As soon as the wolf’s eyes met mine, I felt a shock of recognition. The color was the same… And his amazing, fluffy {don’t tell him I said that} coat was the same as Mack’s black, shiny hair. Wait, how could this wolf be Mack? L...

  29. Hunter: Watching Wolves

    A gentle throbbing in my leg made me slowly open my eyes. I sat up, rubbing it as it hit me— it was healed. Did a broken leg really heal— no, even when one of my friends had sprained her leg it had taken her at least a month to heal. I shoo...

  30. =D

    Love is found anywhere you are. {Now for character minimu-}

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