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I like to create characters and stories that are the farthest thing from me as possible. To be in a position where the person that I essentially am, (for the short time that I’m writing) thinks in a way completely different from me is exciting. Not to mention challenging— but I’m up for that. :)


  1. When You Open Your Eyes, The World is Still There

    She stared at the clock; at the seconds ticking away,transfixed. She stared at anything, at anyone but the person in front of her. “Margaret? Do you understand?” Margie blinked. Margaret… No one calls me that… She slowly turned ...

  2. Love, the Silent Killer

    The creeking of the rocking chair cut the silence, and as the woman finally gazed down at the sticky, wet bundle in her arms, she wondered if it could even be considered a child anymore.

  3. Mr. Cellophane (Mature)

  4. Not Enough

    He coughed, spitting out a tooth. He threw another wild punch, swallowing the bile that was building up inside his throat. It went wide, and the momentum caused him to stumble foward, only to be knocked violently back by his opponent’s own fist. ...

  5. Slanted Perfection (Mature)

  6. This Little Piggy Went To Market

    He was hungry. He was ravenous. He was— Lost? Derek had just been looking for something delicious to stuff down his face in this godforsaken park when— BAM! He didn’t know where he was. One minute she was right in front of him, tuggin...

  7. Watching from the Wings

    Hanging out in the clouds isn’t as relaxing as it had seemed back when he was on Earth. The angel thought. He folded back his white gossamer wings as he reclined. The angel gazed at the chaos he saw. These humans seemed to mess up everything they...

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