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I’m out of my element here, but that’s fine.
It’s a good place to practice the parts of story telling I love the most, namely world building.
I like my science fiction and I like my fantasy, but I prefer to keep them separate.
My style always seems to be overly formatted and abusive toward standard grammar, which will make more sense once you read a story of mine.
I write in spurts and get inspiration in phrases, so time may be long between submissions, but I’m trying to make a habit of this.
Feedback of any shape is always greatly appreciated.


  1. The Last Broadcast

    My mother used to talk about the last thing she watched on the TELEVISION before the POWER went out. She tried a few times to explain to us what those words meant. She talked about days before sunset brought fear, about days when we lived in spires of ...

  2. Where To? What Now?

    Three days. Three days he trekked through the darkness. Five different laws broken upon descent and a couple more broken in transit. But those were not of this world. Not anymore. The indicator still pulsed a lazy red light every few seconds, but he s...

  3. Silence At Midday

    We are those of endless coils, Protectors of the ocean’s spoils. Ours is that eternal pledge, Keep realms safe till the water’s edge. We are those of endless coils, Ever committed to our eternal moil. Waters lie still, safe and sound, by ou...

  4. A Long Way Down

    His hands hurt. His head hurt. Most of the rest of him hurt too, but the hands, those were definitely bleeding. A vertical strip of padding was missing from each hand’s glove. The edges of the hole blackened by the friction. The skin beneath sto...

  5. A Bad Idea pt.3 (Final)

    “How many more of these things do we need to kill?” The female of the victorious group asked, her voice flat, bored. The leader shrugged, sheathed his blade, pocketed the gold and ring, and stood, not bothering to turn to his companion. “The man ...

  6. A Bad Idea pt.2

    It happened so fast. One moment, a fiery charge. The next, sweet whispers from the robed female in the back. His arms felt so heavy. His blaze of glory guttering, now a dying sputter. There was little he could do now. The blade of his target was raised...

  7. A Bad Idea pt.1

    Just a short little slice of a world I’m sure we’re all familiar with. How many of us ever stop to consider the other side of the story? Those souls on the receiving end of our blades/spells/arrows/ect. . . He knew this was a bad idea. Star...

  8. Character Study #1 - Sheer

    Powder blue eyes look out at the world from behind a screen of feathery, frosted-blond hair, each gust of wind leaving a slightly different tousled arrangement. Lips pressed into a pleasant smile, always welcoming to strangers and friends alike despit...

  9. Dawning Rites

    Long slumbering, now lumbering. Stalk the lowlands, stalk the crags. Eyes of white, pierce the night. Scratch and hiss, shatter and gore. Tails of steel, weaken the seal. Purge the world, sterilize the filth. Make tidy the former chaos, for the lords a...

  10. Tyrant Dreams

    A target, a victim, kin. Remind the creature of its place. Swoop, dive, snap, hiss. Relish in its fear, but do not linger. It is wise to take cover. To flee. To cower and hope. They cannot rule what they cannot find. But that’s a lie. Even now, i...

  11. Era's End

    A cautious flick of the tongue, testing the air. Is it safe? It is. Move now, quickly, to that rock, now that hole, now that log. Exchange some furtive glances skyward, leftward, rightward. Still clear. Breath a small sigh of relief and scurry on. It w...

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Magus Kyros' Followers (4)

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  • Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))
  • K'Kruhk