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  1. A Good Egg

    Cool. Smooth. Round. Liberated from soft cardboard Corners and edges, crush and smash. tears. clarity drips to black Turns white.

  2. Ching Sheh Almost Dies a Grizzly, Ninja Death

    Madame Ching watched the sea churn from rail of her flagship. The most formidable of a rogue armada that controlled more water than every Asian empire, the Jade Tiger was armed above all others. The sea rolled the Jade Tiger forward, lapping up at her....

  3. Busted Hands and Red Paint

    Joe had quick hands. Had. Running a brush across a piece of thick paper in slow, jerky lines, he gritted his teeth. Painting was good for him, part of his rehab. He sighed. He had worked hard for an obscure skill set. They’ll be back, he thought,...

  4. Suite in E Major

    In the beginning there was one. Soaring through the quiet. Pure and whole, contrasted against the hush of empty space. Each movement accentuated by undiluted autonomy. Dive. Climb. Dance. Alone. In the middle there were seventy. Groups jumped in playfu...

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