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  1. The White Rose

    For my thoughtless actions, I am Judged, Though evil’s taint is far from my soul, She cannot see me as I am. The luminescence produced by her fragile petals, has become lost to me, and I find myself destitute. Desecrated by the bitter haze of m...

  2. Our little? Demons

    As my thoughts take form they scream silently begging to be set loose upon the world even just for an instant yet my wisdom will not allow their faces to be shown. We all have one and some of us may even have more though their faces may never see dayli...

  3. Water-atKe

    Water-atKe A poem for a young woman and her unknown wonders Golden, as gold is she though she knows not. Her sapphire eyes are as the sea endless and breathe taking pulling you deep into a vast and powerful intellect. As she enters absolute silence wa...

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