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  1. Jim and Jenny

    “I am not a liar!” he yelled, feigning incredulity. “Then explain this,” she said, putting her hand in her pocket. “What? Explain WHAT?!” Jim said. “I told you, HONEY, I would never lie to you.” “&#...

  2. Puss Doctor

    “So how did this happen?” asked the doctor. “Well, I was camping in South Dakota and I think I got some bug bite.” “And you said it’s right beneath your naval?” the doctor asked, scribbling something behind the...

  3. Age and Habituation

    The thing I miss the most about childhood are the sunny days in the back seat of a car, listening to the music over the radio as my mother drove. Today, don’t I feel different? I don’t feel the same. Today everything changes and I know it. ...

  4. The Man Who Farted Too Often

    He was a man who in his youth would fart on command. To do so he would get down on his hands and knees, in which position he had mastered a system of sucking air into his butt hole and pushing it back out, able to produce fart after fart. He did this o...

  5. Ant Plays Dead

    I was in the kitchen rocking out to tunes on my Discman, cutting the tips off some radishes. Surprise jolted through my body as my roommate suddenly entered the kitchen. I composed myself and addressed him. “Hey Dick,” I said. “I am c...

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