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  1. in-class thought log

    transfer to me the ovum transfer to me the cherry blossoms and hyacinths and hibiscus leaves what’s the point? the world will end tomorrow or tomorrow or tomorrow or tomorrow days are identical time is irrelevant time is constant time is inconsis...

  2. i want to clean your house (Mature)

  3. for sale

    I spent one too many seconds in the baby shoes aisle and my heart won’t stop breaking

  4. arterial cosmos (Mature)

  5. pt. IV

    January 3rd, 2014 – present they used to call you newt. you are a cancer on my heart, decrepit: covered in mold and cobwebs. at the center of it, is the twenty-five hundred miles between us crushed and compressed into a black hole. you beguile me...

  6. pt. III

    September 1st, 2009 – February 20th, 2014 they used to call you Halifax. it was nothing close to love, but you were oh-so ever-present. your mother asked why december was so important because we used to wait for the end of the world together. t...

  7. pt. II

    August 18th, 2008 – March 30th, 2013 they used to call you TTW. but all you ever do anymore is deny, deny, deny. you deny that you’ve torn apart your skin and sold yourself for an ounce or two of forgetfulness. you deny that you were ever in th...

  8. a short history of you

    April 26th, 2008 – July 7th, 2010 they used to call you sun-dragon. but our relationship was bookended by two disasters. a panic attack on the twenty-second anniversary of a meltdown. and yet another on the day you almost drowned a second time. ...

  9. wax

    then leave me here with broken bones, with broken heart and home, don’t give me hope of ampersands nor sleep in beds of loam. though it may seem peculiar now, my dreams were once of death; my childhood then poisoned with a gram of tainted breath. the...

  10. don't

    don’t think of end, my only friend, when parallels do sing. with broken chyme and tattered rhyme the morning bells do ring. don’t think of death when you’re at rest, my lovely love of mine. your bloody thoughts are those that brought ...

  11. aftermath

    you were the crack in my pavement and she was the flower that sprang forth from the dirt that you left exposed. a sweet flower, young and innocent, oblivious and uncaring but happy to be alive.

  12. purple

    How did I get here? I lie on the floor, the ugly and scratchy grey/black carpet pressing uncomfortably against my bare back. I mentally curse its ugliness and its occasional flecks of red and blue colored fibers. Why did my mother have to pick out such...

  13. magnetic poetry: edición español

    echa me de tu sangre; te pidé el mundo, pero no piensas en esa tierra desnuda. - – - (it’s much prettier in spanish, so this is a rough translation rather than a literal one): - – - cast me from your veins; i asked you for the ...

  14. alone at last (Mature)

  15. Alphabet Soup Pt. II (Mature)

  16. Alphabet Soup (Mature)

  17. Depression / Loneliness

    Her absence was obvious. He wanted to eat the emptiness, to inject sadness into his veins. He wanted to feel something. But he couldn’t.

  18. The Man Who Knew Everything

    There once was a man who lived alone. One day a beautiful girl showed up at his door, pleading for a night away from the cold. The man prepared her a fine meal, and the enjoyed red wine. They were soon drunk, so the man laid the girl down in his bed an...

  19. inebriation / fabrication

    it’s four am, i’m still awake, my blindness isn’t cured. i’m drunk again, no time will tell how long until the next bottle downed will clear my hateful mind until it’s pure. the sunrise brings a telling tale of heartache, ...

  20. godzilla (Mature)

  21. flat tire

    i guess i should feel bitter because you broke my heart and such but i just can’t make me do it i love you just too much i got just what i wanted, an answer and some peace but the answer wasn’t the one i wanted and who needs peace when ther...

  22. why i'm so sad (Mature)

  23. one new message

    my hands are shaking oh god why haven’t i learned not to love you high

  24. trains and sewing machines

    that night you drank the whole bottle: i hid because i wanted to die. it only became a game when you started looking for me.

  25. I may have failed but

    when I talk to you about the future and all the happy times I will have with my wife and kids, I have always meant to include you in them. and what eats me alive is that when you talk about your future, you’re still uncertain with whom you will s...

  26. it's been a while (Mature)

  27. i'm sorry

    i just wish that someone once in a while would call in and check to see if i was okay because i’m not i don’t think i thought i was but now all of a sudden i don’t think i am and the one night i just need someone something to hold or ...

  28. A poem for my father's birthday

    A poem for my father’s birthday I realized, less than a year ago, that you were old. You are a grandfather now; and you are completely and utterly and helplessly mortal. - Para el cumpleaños de mi padre Me di cuenta, hace un año, que ya eras viejo....

  29. prosaic

    why do I have such an urge to hide whenever I have an extreme negative emotion is it because I’m afraid that being around people will make me even more angry or perhaps that being around people will make me feel better ah yes that must be it I wa...

  30. a euphemism for euphoria, a song part II (Mature)

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