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  1. The World is Ours Tonight Pt. II

    Fly planes into the capitals, Drop bombs and wave goodbye, The survivors will all starve to death, Control is ours tonight. Drain wells and all the water source, And raze their food supply, Poison all the air down there, The needs are ours tonight. And...

  2. The World is Ours Tonight (Mature)

  3. Cold

    Your reaction was priceless when I told you I loved you. They surrounded your house and I couldn’t retreat. I was embarrassed beyond being naked in a mob scene, The way that you scared me was a talent so sweet. I turned around, mortified, to see ...

  4. Flood

    I hope you read this, I doubt you will My life is like an oil spill I’m not angry but I still feel a distance between us both, I miss your existence I made it weird, awkward like Someone broke a hole in our friendship dyke It’s drained awa...

  5. dollhouse

    i wish i had a dollhouse with the people of my life and i could make them do what i wanted to and never live with strife but then of course i’d be too happy and long for tears to fall i guess i’ll never be content or comfortable at all

  6. Optimism

    There was a boy. And there was a girl. The boy liked the girl. And the girl liked the boy. The boy thought the girl was too good for him. The girl was just shy. They were standing together one day. Something happened inside the wonders of a human mind....

  7. Gallons

    I guess I’ll be playing alone tonight. It’s well established; I’ve lost the fight. So I’ll lead this company into the deep blue and I’ll bleed an extra gallon for you.

  8. Snaggletooth's Reply:

    I’m sorry I’m not good enough For your oh-so-perfect mouth I’m just like all the other teeth White and stained with cola bleach It’s just that I am out of line Is that so bad? Is that a crime? No one’s perfect, I must say. Just like t...

  9. Meaningless Together

    i want to sit here with you doing nothing for the rest of our lives being stupid smoking pot and eating poptarts and slicing bread we’ll write an album a beautiful underrated album produce it and sell a whopping 10 copies and then we’ll die...

  10. Kilmøre

    The water ran red dripping down the drain, and he whistled a familiar tune that echoed in the cold, dark, bloody bathroom.

  11. Loop Hole

    I’ve found a loop hole in our friendship I knew that it would happen. It’s gone, it’s done, it’s out of here! The ship is sinking, Cap’n. It’s like I sneezed so loud, so proud And no one blessed my soul. It’s l...

  12. LOLWUT

    I’ve never smiled so much at the sight of brown grass. I’ve never laughed so much at a splinter in the glass.

  13. WeaveLoom

    I dreamed about headaches So I took an Advil I dreamed about honey So I was a bee I dreamed about ice cream So I was a sailor Sailing a yacht On a lemonade sea.

  14. The Girl in the Striped Sweater

    I miss you Dancing in the early morning Music blaring What are they saying? Eyes locked Thumping in my feet Throbbing in my chest I miss it I want to dance So badly

  15. Weenies

    Sitting here In awkward silence Eating these Delicious weenies

  16. Joeorl

    Poems are lovely. As are you. I’m sorry. I wish I express this with words.

  17. Blood

    I miss you more Than anything Even more than Love herself I feel that you Have taken me And put me on A shelf To sit and waste and gather dust Doomed, yes, Doomed to Hell.

  18. Sissy

    Sometimes I just want to Sit here doing nothing Slowly wasting the Years away

  19. hands

    my hands are cold, my palms are sweaty i wish that you would leave already you make me nervous i have a secret but i dont think that i can make it

  20. Storms

    I miss the rain, the smell, the sound The thunderstorms in the night I remember the night it stormed so hard It knocked the power out So I stood outside on my front porch And called you on the phone We talked on and on for about an hour Even when the p...

  21. Strange

    I find it kind of strange to say That you’re the one I miss the most The way you never look at me Just makes me even more engrossed.

  22. Church Bells 2/2

    Tune of jazz and virgin hips These words of love upon my lips I’ve loved and lost; another sip Of lovely alcohol By now the lights have dimmed, at least They’ve tamed you now, you horrid beast We have survived the midnight feast I’ve ...

  23. Church Bells 1/2

    No one hears your church bells ringing Late at night, no choirs singing Empty silence, midnight bringing Freedom of the soul No one hears your pitiful pleading “Save my life from this horrible bleeding” All you get is direct leading To tort...

  24. soon

    For soon I will grow older Much older than I am And finally, I’ll get to see Behind the master plan For of course, here, it’s different It’s a dog eat dog kind of place You must eat or you’ll be eaten They will get up in your fa...

  25. Yearn

    I miss the feel of the cool metal on my skin Sliding up and down like a friendly knife on the tips of my fingers Bleeding music out the beautiful hollow body And the scent of cedar wood is like a drug in itself

  26. The Good, The Bad, and The Deadly

    I’ve gotten so good at flying high That I no longer need wings And I’ve gotten so bad at loving That I no longer have a heart I have gotten so good at swimming That I no longer need water And I’ve gotten so bad at living That I no lon...

  27. Confession

    Sometimes While In the car I take off My seatbelt Because If we crash I don’t want To be The only Survivor

  28. Wishing!

    I wish I had a way with words And how you make me feel I can only express sadness, regret, And how she made me feel But here with you it’s different I can’t describe the pain.

  29. Patronize Me

    Patronize me Go ahead Of course It’s all my fault I was the one That got us here You were the Hero Like always

  30. I Won't Be Home For Christmas.

    I’m sorry mom, I’m sorry dad, But I can’t take it any more. And to my sister: I loved you most. I wish I could have told you before. No matter how many fights, No matter how many screams, No matter how many bickers, I was closer to y...