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  1. Premonition: Fire

    “Gabe, what did you see?” Shay whispers as we head out of home room. She knows when I see something I dont like by now. “Shelby. I think she’s a pyro.” “Someone who makes and controls fire? I havent ever seen them.&#...

  2. Premonition: New Comer

    “What are you talking about?” Shay asks. “A new girl is coming today. She should be here in a matter of seconds.” I explain. As I predicted, the same girl walks into the room. I nod to Shay, symbolizing that thats her. “She’s powerful? What...

  3. Premonition

    Having the ability of precognition isnt always as fun as it sounds. Why, you might ask? Simple, you’re never surprised and the pressure of making sure nothing goes wrong when you see it. People who think they know about the ability to see into ...