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  1. Act

    We didn’t mean to end up where we were at that moment in time. I didn’t actively pursue this situation, but we were in it now, and we couldn’t turn away. My eyes shifted to Theo’s tightened grip around the gun. His focus was now...

  2. Resurrection (Mature)

  3. 21

    August 22nd I read somewhere that after 21 days something becomes a habit. So I thought if I could condition myself to actively avoid thinking about you for 21 days that suddenly it would become a habit. I would no longer have to force myself to stop t...

  4. Buried Secrets (Mature)

  5. Tainted

    Bethany wished she could go back to how things were when she first moved into town. She stared out of her window, wondering how life would have been different if she made different decisions. It was too late now. “It’s over, Bethany,”...

  6. Letting Go

    “Promise me one thing, Thom. Promise you won’t judge me,” Katherine’s voice was sincere. She was a good actresses, I give her that, but I don’t know why I stayed to listen when I should have walked away. I didn’t owe...

  7. One Thing Leads to Another

    Although Gretch and I wanted to search every person’s fingers who was in a five mile radius, our boss decided that it’d be best to use that information to narrow down results so we didn’t accidently capture the wrong guy. Gretchen was...

  8. Boom! Goes the Dynamite

    The first thing you learn about in government training is never to panic; panicking makes you do stupid things. It’s all good on paper, but a complete different story in practice. The tape recorder was the solution and apparently the problem as w...

  9. The Consequences Can Be Dire

    If there’s one thing in the world I would want complete control over, it would be my death. I’m not like most people who want to be immortal; Immortality only prolongs your suffering. Also, I don’t want to die in my sleep or anything ...

  10. Legend of Gabriél (22)

    The man in black guided la Princesa and I toward the war room, but el Rey wasn’t there. Then the man pushed the wall at the very back of the room, taking us into some secret hallway. Where I was going, I had no idea. La Princesa, unlike I, was no...

  11. Dicks Before Chicks

    I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend and I regret it. To be completely honest, I actually don’t. As much as I want to, I can’t regret it. We got carried away last night and I should have been the good friend and ignored his passes,...

  12. Casual Secrets (Mature)

  13. The Only Way Out

    As I left the front door, I lit my cigarette with the lighter and next, my house. The fire spread quickly, and I could hear my kids coughing from their room. Leaving on a dark and eerie night is so cliché, but I had planned it weeks ahead of time. My ...

  14. Should Have Lied

    “Why, Anna? We’ve taught you to be obedient and respectful! How… how could you betray our trust like this?” My dad yelled at me as he caught me sneaking out. “Because, Dad! I’m sick and tried of being told what to do...

  15. Chilling With the Guys

    “Which would you rather be… Poor, old, or alone?” Frank asked as he sipped more of his beer. Him and his group of friends had been getting drunk and playing cards most of the night. “No contest: Poor.” Andrew answered. ...

  16. Money, Money

    “We can’t split the money when there’s only one of us.” Bang.

  17. Run From The Cops (Mature)

  18. Legend of Gabriél (21)

    After el Rey recognized me as part of la familia real, I was sent away to my room so that I could relax and mentally prepare myself. Shortly after I arrived, someone knocked on my door. “Interesante lucha de la espada, you just had,” Someon...

  19. Dream Vacation

    Where ever you are. As long as we’re together. Having fun, undisturbed. It’s all I need.

  20. Playing With Fire; Bryce Acres (2)

    Ugh. I hated seeing my students outside of school. It’s like, I was a Montague at a Capulet party. Especially teaching at First Class Society, where all the kids drive limos to school and get carried around on horses in between classes. So I̵...

  21. Playing With Fire; Raeann (1)

    “Rae, are you positive you can imbibe any more calories?” Isabelle asked as she sipped her water. I rolled my eyes as I took another sip of my Pepsi. Of course she was right, but I couldn’t lead on. “I’ll hit the gym later...

  22. Revenge Isn't Always Enough

    He told the whole school. He told them everything. That night we shared—the passion, the love we made—he told everyone about it. He actually bragged about it. Like it wasn’t special to him, like I was unattainable and he finally attai...

  23. Student's Mind

    Just reach over and touch his hand… No. Then just brush it, he won’t notice that you did it purposely. Fine. See, the hair on his arms are nice. Makes you feel all nice. Ugh, yeah it does. Now how about we go a little more further… Ho...

  24. Russian Roulette

    He spun the cylinder hard. Click. My turn. Click. His turn. Bang.

  25. Twelve (Mature)

  26. More Chasing

    “So what are we looking for, exactly?” Gretch asked, while she typed on her laptop. “It’s like an attic. The roof is slanted, view of London, there shouldn’t be a lot—” “Found it!” She said not look...

  27. The Confessions of a Former Prostitute (Mature)

  28. Goodbyes (IX)

    I half-expect that reaction. My dad almost slaps me, but I see him holding back. He turns his face to the TV and continues watching it. My mother closes her eyes, once again not coming to my defense. I walk into my room and find a suitcase I had hidden...

  29. Goodbyes (VIII) (Mature)

  30. Goodbyes (VII)

    Now there is only one more place left to go. My place. Mary said I could sleep at her place tonight and she’d buy the extra ticket. I tell Ethan everything on the way to my house. From Ruth to my plan. I guess he has a right to know. He’s u...

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