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  1. My blue

    When the soul is bluer than the color of the sky, my desire is to get off the ground and fly my own as I brush. It is the desire to see the world colored with tones so beautiful that has lived in me and made ​​my spirit, a childlike drawing. That w...

  2. Riding the bus

    Standing in the crowded bus, with the body shacking, eyes gazed Sugar Loaf somewhat shaky because of slips of the road. Head with thoughts far away, the heat made ​​me go back to the point where I was. Below me was reading a quiet girl, as if a bub...

  3. Rio de Janeiro

    Cidade animada, lotada de gente feliz e aquecida por um sol brilhante: este é o cenário. Terra de belas praias, peles morenas, sorrisos largos, e olhos atentos, a boêmia corre nas veias tanto quanto a água de coco desce rasgando a garganta.

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