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I have very little in the way of a writing education. I know nothing about poetry for instance, and my attempts are probably not in accordance with what a real poet would expect. But it makes me happy to put words together in different ways, including my version of poetry. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at suggestions for “how-to” books though. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (10)

    I tucked the card away so Mom could read it later and turned back to the pile. “Hel-lo. What do we have here?” I lifted the large manila envelope and noticed immediately there was no return address. My name and our home address were printed neatly ...

  2. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (9)

    While donning khaki slacks and a navy blue Maxwell’s Silver Bullet tee shirt, I caught the scent of coffee. Mom had left half a pot for me – hallelujah! I poured a mug, wandered into my office and switched on the computer. As I waited for it to...

  3. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (8)

    I’m a personal assistant. Also a personal shopper, a house and pet sitter, bill payer, chauffeur, and troubleshooter. What it boils down to is that I’m a wife, without the perks. At 54, I’m single again and live with my mother – AGAIN! That was...

  4. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (7) (Mature)

  5. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (6) (Mature)

  6. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (5)

    He’d walked me to one of the guest chairs in the reception area where I sat while he brought me a glass of water. Having been classmates with the Sheriff a gazillion years ago had its compensations. “It’s going to be okay Charlie,” he’d said....

  7. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (4) (Mature)

  8. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (3) (Mature)

  9. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (2) (Mature)

  10. Maxwell's Silver Bullet (1)

    I have a rich fantasy life. It’s a necessity for a single woman of a certain age who’s slightly worse for wear. But even I couldn’t have dreamed up the scene I stumbled on in my office that night. Attending the book signing hadn’...

  11. Another Fine Mess (3)

    The bedroom door was flung open and 10-year old Zach burst in. Chestnut curls fell over his forehead, framing hurt, tear-filled hazel eyes. “Mom! Max won’t let me make pancakes!” Nora, now alone in bed and sitting with the sheet tucke...

  12. Another Fine Mess (2) (Mature)

  13. Another Fine Mess (Mature)

  14. The Challenge of the Tiles

    Tiles marching across the board, they line up in regimented form. Corner to corner, each rides its individual square with precision. Studying the tiles in my tray, I await your next play … willing you to add that vital letter … setting me up for th...

  15. Aw Nuts! (2)

    I must have made a noise because he turned back, and for a moment his gaze met mine. At 7 years old I didn’t have much life experience, but I would swear that squirrel looked back at me without fear; perhaps with even a touch of daring. He looked a b...

  16. Pedestal

    Hand in hand we haunt the museum, visiting Manet, Degas, Gauguin; wandering from paintings to sculpture; giggling like embarrassed adolescents at the nudes poised on pedestals. “Don’t put me on a pedestal,” you said. “I won’t,” I responde...

  17. Aw Nuts!

    Mama used to let me help her bake cookies. After Jack was down for his nap, Mama would bring out the big mixing bowl and I’d gather the measuring cups and spoons. My favorite cookies were peanut butter – they always smelled so yummy! One af...

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