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I am a writer from Chicago who wishes to get into short story writing which has been a bit of a battle up until this point.


  1. Take This Dance - Part 2

    The boldness in Clara turned Edwin on. The words she chose may have not been proper, but she was direct none the less. “Don’t embarrass me.” They both entered the gym in awe at her arrival and befuddlement at her “date”. &...

  2. Take This Dance

    Night time. Edwin stood at the front door of the now dilapidated Norwood High in a suit wearing a rather uncomfortable pair of dress shoes. No one was there, not even a mouse. He closed his eyes and suddenly Collective Soul’s “Shine” ...

  3. Morning Comes To Night

    Cedric entered the Dunkin Doughnuts on Roosevelt and purchased his usual chocolate-glazed with a fresh cup of black coffee as he always did. He took a seat near the window and flipped out his smartphone to observe his bank balance: four-hundred and twe...

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