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  1. Day 4,329

    Yep, there was the town up ahead. The maps often weren’t good for shit with all the cars and makeshift barriers on the roads, but this one actually panned out. There were some signs of life at the first cluster of houses. Usually the established ...

  2. A Tragedy

    Today he met his future widow.

  3. Egg drop

    This was the worst day of his life. The other kids were excited, running around, pointing out the key features of their designs. One after another they all went up to the roof with Ms. Carruthers, and every time they loved it. But Billy could barely ma...

  4. Tonight (Mature)

  5. Exciting Venus Adventures!

    “Venus CC, this is ESN Interlocutor requesting C-5 clearance.” “ESN Interlocutor this is Venus CC, please pass clearance codes.” Captain Jones swiveled up his OptiProj before turning to the AstroNav-328 behind him. “328, c...

  6. Desperation

    “My dear Jennifer,” he wrote as the flashlight started to dim.

  7. Alone (Mature)

  8. It's another morning (Mature)

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