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Mostly a visual storyteller, attempting to expand her horizons by writing something else than comics. I love writing really weird and surreal stuff.


  1. The Beginning of the End

    Laurossel had just enough time to return to his apartment and rest a little before the PA system outside announced “Armageddon in 4 hours. Termination unit, please report to Universe Management in 10 minutes.” Termination was Laurossel̵...

  2. The Lab

    Somewhere dangerously close to the Kitchen lies the Laboratory. Here, great minds spend their days thinking up new ways to make life for the residents of the Mansion easier (or harder, if they feel like it). So many strange and wonderful things have (o...

  3. The End of Everything

    The last sunset ever on what had once been the planet Earth was not quite as spectacular as Laurossel had hoped. He had imagined something a little more interesting this time, something worth taking a picture of. He stayed for a few more hours to watch...

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