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My age used to be here, but it keeps changing. I occasionally write short stories but I never tell anyone about them. I am a mess.


  1. The Ship is Sinking

    Don’t let me fault you for your lack of trying, For I am just as guilty as you. It’s not the fact that I am slowly dying, The truths beneath my fictions lying. I rest in a deathbed, built for you. Cobwebs and dust surround my quiet corner, ...

  2. Smart Girls, Where Have You Gone?

    As I meander through the chorus of dull weather and terrible working hours which litter my waking moments, I look back and reminisce. To the girl who was explaining the differences in skin cuts and healing in people who have diabetes as opposed to thos...

  3. The Importance of Contacts

    Inside the sweet shop, I left my glasses at home. I ask for eclairs. Everything’s blurry, I squint to read the label, “Chocolate Mexicans?” The shop’s bustle halts. I hear a polite whisper, “…Champagne Marzipans.R...

  4. Nom IV

    “…And it was in this area that a couple out on a midnight hike through the woods stumbled across the body of what may have been a man in his 40’s, a victim of an apparent animal attack. If you’re of a nervous disposition you may...

  5. Birthdays in Manchester

    “Come on Johnny, you know I don’t like people,” said Morrissey as he was dragged into a room filled with meat-eaters and bigoted slobs. “Would it kill you to be happy? I want you to be here Nigel! You’re my best friend!...

  6. Rooftop Dining

    “Anything on the radio yet, Soldier?” “For the last time no! And my name is Richie! We’re not in the army anymore! There’s no-one else left but us!” The commando leapt at Richie with a knife and shoved it against his...

  7. Hulk Hogan Couldn't Fight Zombies!

    “What the hell are you watchin’ Richie?” “It’s a zombie film! I don’t know which one but I’ve never seen it before— Oh! They’re about to eat him!” Richie’s dad gazed on in what was half ...

  8. Bloody Typical (Mature)

  9. In Silence and In Health

    Her name was as soft as she was spoken, I was overjoyed to hear it said, Though she’d never leave silence broken, Starving reticence left unfed. Her lovely thoughts never left her head. It was in this challenge I defied, To make her heard though...

  10. A Boy and a Man

    “Hey son, ahheck!” “Uhm… You okay mister?” The shy school boy approached the old man cautiously. He was sitting on a cardboard throne, dressed in old clothes stolen from bags outside of charity shops. “I just wanted ...

  11. Bliss

    I opened my eyes for what I remember as being the first time. What I saw before me was astonishing. It was beautiful, a place of majesty and virtue combined with utter tranquility. To find a better way to describe it is a near impossible task but to un...

  12. Richie's Big Promotion (Mature)

  13. Backwards and Forwards (In Time)

    Defined by nights and not by years, The most lingering and untouchable fear. We wait for the moments but blink and they’re gone. We live so fast but not for that long. We are uncontrollable, wild and stray. But even the most vibrant of colours ev...

  14. 1024 or Die!

    It was a hobby that slowly grew into an obsession. I kept re-reading the news THX posted over and over again in my head. Even heroin wasn’t this addictive. It was raining as I got into the cab which took over ten minutes to hail down. I kept imag...

  15. Nom III (Mature)

  16. Give Them What They Want

    “The Apprentice: The Movie.” “How would that make a good film?” “Allow me to explain. Come closer.” The suits talking over a Starbucks lunch leaned in closer so only they could her their whispers. God forbid that the...

  17. Winning Formula

    The board room was silent as Marcus took his final breath before confronting the pack of jokers and dragons before him. He walked around the room to where he would accept his judgment. With a gulp he returned back into his own self and re-entered the r...

  18. Fool Proof

    “Well there’s just one thing left on the list!” “The list of things to do before you die? But you’re like, thirty!” “Thirty-one but still that ain’t too bad is it? Haha!” The delighted gentleman pulls out a map of the world and points...

  19. Sampson

    “You rang, Sir?” “Indeed I did Sampson. Sit down.” Sampson promptly took a seat in the polished wooden chair that stood in front of the chairman’s enormous desk. It was covered in papers all of the time but Sampson had no ...

  20. Bad Holiday (Mature)

  21. Totally Worth It (Mature)

  22. Nom II (Mature)

  23. Nom

    She dragged me by the hand like a disobedient dog on a chain. The forest had small steep hills but she knew this area well. Everything was different shades of black and grey, the forest was so cold and unforgiving that not even the colours dared to sta...

  24. Tight Rope

    When I was younger, I would always be shuffled into the back of the tent where nobody else was allowed. Clowns with only half their make-up on, smoking up against massive crates and shouting down their cell phones. I thought that was funnier than their...

  25. Follow My Lead (Mature)

  26. In Sickness Or In Health (Mature)

  27. I'm Completely Normal

    I stared into the mirror. The old, decrepit skeleton stared back at me with the faintest trace of hope in his eyes. His weathered face told a thousand tales of heartache, misery and poverty. Each wrinkle was a life lesson. Every scar was a memory on th...

  28. Harding's Pub

    “Come on it’s twenty minutes past closing time! Get out!” “Can’t I just sleep here?” “Nope, I sleep with my dog!” She playfully slapped the patron’s arm with her dish cloth and carried on drying the...

  29. Psyche (Mature)

  30. Butterflies (Mature)

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