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I am a guy who likes to write, draw, and play the ukulele. Also I like robots, home cooked meals, science fiction, podcasts, comics, and animation.


  1. Whatwhatwhat?

    XJ plopped into the pilot’s seat. YU took his station in engineering. Through the speakers YU said, “Come on, these humans aren’t that bad. The worst that could happen is that they arrest us. If the Biot empire ever finds us we’...

  2. Getting The Hell Out

    Arnold laughed, “I think they know we’re here. They’re booking it to their ship.” “Nonononononononononono!” XJ-399 was running at top speed. YU-443 trailed after him. “But what about the equipment?” XJ-3...

  3. Deliveries

    Camera is stuck on the hood of an orange muscle car. The unapologetic engine roars without thought to climate change. Bright lights streak by. Blurry, indistinct, shapes of a city. Car screeches to a halt. Quickly, she gets out. Blond. Pony tail. Dark ...

  4. Ouch!

    “Ow! Damn it!” XJ-399 held onto his broken hand. His bones were already refitting into place, but it still hurt, a lot. “What was that?” YU-443 was finished with his work outside and was heading inside. The blue biot called out ...

  5. A New Discovery

    XJ-399 was walking down a dark corridor, holding the tether of a power transmitter as one might hold a balloon. Every so often he placed little self-powered lamps on the walls as he went along. His receiver cut in. “Hey XJ?” It was his most...

  6. Setting Up Shop

    XJ-399’s lizard-like body wriggled out of his exoskeleton, leaving it securely clamped to the station’s surface near the airlock. His body was covered by his pressure suit, but XJ-399’s helmet allowed a little sunlight to shine throug...

  7. Bio-Droid XJ-399

    Bio-droid XJ-399 landed heavily on the space station’s surface, smoke still coming from the booster rockets on his back. The bulky, white, angular exoskeleton that protected him from the lack of atmosphere didn’t obscure the spectacular vie...

Nerdcore Steve's Friends (4)

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Nerdcore Steve's Followers (4)

  • Abstract
  • Robert Quick
  • Jason Month
  • smdasilva {LoA}