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Oh silly Ficly with your fickle sign-in ways.
I have somehow lost my ability to sign in under my last account. So, here’s a repost of my one and only story…accompanied by a promise to start writing more.


  1. Closer Than Expected

    We sway gently back and forth; your head lay gingerly on my shoulder. The smell of your body has pushed through the perfume you spritzed this morning, and I breathe you in. Music pulses gently in my ear as I begin to drift away. We continue rocking; I ...

  2. Test Time

    Semi-silence punctuated by melodic scratches of graphite on crisp white A4, slight sighs, and soft moans of defeat. An occasional hand tentatively reaches upward and a squeaky-voiced question is posed, “How many examples do we need?” R...

  3. Endings

    Mud on his face, tears tempting to push through, he looked into his daughter’s face, “We did it. We’re done. I did it. I’m 55 and I’m done.” “Not yet dad; the finish line is right there.” They had spent o...

  4. Stories that stay in my head....

    As I lay in bed I write stories in my mind: romance, fantasy, rants, stream of consciousness junk. It doesn’t matter what it is, I write constantly; never worrying about punctuation as the words dance around free of their boundaries……...

  5. frivolous kisses

    As the glass touches her lips and the red velvety courage enters her body, a metamorphosis occurs. No longer capable of walking confidently alone, she grabs the closest man and wraps herself around him. She looks for her self worth in the reflection of...

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