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A total amateur, craving to get into writing. Please forgive my mistakes, English is not my native tongue.


  1. Thoughts.. or I don't even know, really. Just a thing.

    Jonah never listens. I’m out here all alone in the field of ice, all I can hear is my own heavy breathing, I look up to the humongous rings of Saturn in the sky, and instead of marvelling at the beauty of it all, I curse my crewmate. He insisted on u...

  2. It's not the memory itself

    The moment that ineffable smell will reach his nose, in that distant town, many years from now, on that strange balcony, after having searched for his lost keys for so long, he’ll just go out to take a breather, and that smell will instantly warp his...

  3. 21st Century Warrior Princess

    Momma’s lullaby started to fade, the bright Moon hid behind heavy eyelids, and Tee once again became Higathi, Princess of the Night. She would spend her days in her big, big house, that had walls blazing in all the colors and patterns of Momma’s dr...

  4. Family tale (3)

    Zargan took on his diving suit, and climbed up to the deck. He was staring into the horizon while Efrim helped secure his oxygen tank. About an hour later, after they’ve emerged from the depths with the algae samples, a voicemail was waiting on his p...

  5. Family tale (2)

    „What?” Zargan froze for a moment, and it hit him that he truly didn’t know his father. He simply didn’t know wether his father, a true Chechen, working for the Russian government, could’ve been involved in a murder attempt of a politician. ...

  6. Family tale (1)

    The Red Sea glistened blue. Zargan Eldarkhanov retreated into his cabin from the unforgiving sunlight. „Be ready in ten for another dive, we’re not done for today” his boss said before climbing out to the deck. „You know the algae aren’t goin...

  7. Mankato

    The crowd of white men was louder and more repulsive than he expected. As he was being yanked forward towards the scaffolds, May Hoo Way Wa briefly shut his eyes, trying to clear his head. Prepare. Family. He did everything he could for his family. The...

  8. Out of the blue (2)

    The strange man scared Janet at first, but after the initial shock she was surprised that she didn’t feel threatened by him at all. “Come, let me buy you a drink.” – he said in a calm, shoothing voice, gesturing towards the corn...

  9. Out of the blue

    The day’s work was over for the family. It was late, and a gust of rain washed away the remaining tourists. It was a long day, and it could’ve been more profitable. Janet was tired, sitting in her window, the kids fast asleep in the next ro...

  10. From the shadows

    The woman seemed to juggle the plastic bags and the pizza box with such ease, offering to help her wouldn’t have crossed anyone’s mind. Martin snorted when he saw the skinny, pointy faced lad approach the woman, holding his umbrella above h...

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