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I’m a young writer who lives on the Internet, with my cat by my side.


  1. He would conquer all

    A man quickly strode into the throne room, he was dressed lightly, wearing loose black slacks and a thin black shirt, the customary dress of messengers in the kingdom. His footsteps echoes against the cold stone floors. He came to a stop in front of th...

  2. 3 word Challenge

    Hello there! Your challenge seemed quite interesting, and I challenge you to write something with the words- obsolete, fancy, and slime. Oh, and feel free to give me a challenge.

  3. A Black Feather

    Warm tears streamed down my face, as my plain black shoes crunched across the dewy grass, wet with the tears of a thousand mourners. Then I saw it. Practically shouting in my face that he was dead, that I would never see him again, never hear his stron...

  4. Alone Now

    Tears dripped down my cheeks as I watced her. “Mom-” I choked out, my voice thick with tears. “Shhh….” She said, her voice faint. I gulped and looked down at her, her face was now creased with wrinkles, she looked so old, ...

  5. Reunions are always Bittersweet

    The first time I saw him, I was but a child. So scared, I had been, as his green disk-shaped ship crashed in the forest. I was scared about investigating, but curiosity won over fear and I apprehensively approached the strange machine. I laughed as I r...

  6. Falling

    He trotted nearer to the edge, his small feet kicking rocks into the sea. He watched as they fell; like small comets raining from the sky. They seemed to take forever to land in the water. Would it take him as long? Hopefully not. He wanted to get out ...

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