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    August 2nd

    Joined June 2011.

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    eReaders: Monthly digests up to December 2012 are available at

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    Story writing: an unfortunate symptom of a leaky brain.

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    Drake West

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    Plagued with a million stories in my mind. Can’t finish a one of them. This site should help :)

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    Master of the Armory and Chief Nibmaker of Our Strange and Wonderful House. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

    Like many others in this community, I have no qualifications for writing except a head full of ideas and a passion for good storytelling.

    You can find me at, or you may bump into me elsewhere on the internet as HSAR.

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    I’m a special education teacher K-5. My job is great. Louisiana is my home, though I’ve been many places. I write for fun. I love taking vacations in the worlds of my imagination. Writing is only second to reading on my fun hobbies list.

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    Rafael Costa

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    Hi im Rafa! Im from Corrientes, Argentina, yeah, I know, deep in south america right?! Yay! So here are my stories, hope you like them, and lets create something beautiful, are you in? Im sure you are, so lets do it!

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    I’m a hard working employee for Zanda and I’m here on my free time. :)

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    Cariad Ceffyl

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    Lover of Poetry, Prose, Fantasy, Nature, Spring and all things Celtic. A died in the wool hopelessly hopeless Romantic, on a journey of sorts. I write fiction although, occasionally loosely, Very loosely, influence by life experiences. I only wish my life was as exciting and passionate as my musings.