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I like to create curiosity. So, I design. Images. Words. Pixels. Prose. My first client was a surprise. A word of mouth accident. Since then, I’ve spent thousands of hours wireframing, photoshoping, coding, writing, redesigning, positioning, studying, branding, marketing and exploring. I do it for a living now. Marketing & design mostly. I enjoy every minute. Work/life balance? I work. I live. However, the line between the two doesn’t really seem to exist.


  1. Empty Darkness

    Empty darkness. Wait – blurs of light. No shapes. Colors overwhelm my senses. No smell. Water. Mist? Choking confusion. No air. Move upwards. Push upwards. Struggle. I surface. Almost. Still no air. It’s cold. The ceiling. Hard. Solid. Cold...

  2. 32 Seconds

    Skin still burning, I leapt to my feet. It had only been an instant, but now the training began to kick in. I had exactly 32 seconds to find shade. The facts were flooding my consciousness. At 74 seconds I would die simultaneously from hyperthermia and...

  3. Composed

    It started as a release; it was an escape. My mind would wander over the notes and rudimentary chords. The first few weeks were cacophony — then — as if teased forth — melodies and harmonies began to emerge. Music had been a knee jerk reaction. L...

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