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  1. voicemail

    “SCOTT!!!” He yelled, “Scott, open up the damn door!” He pounded on the door with the butt of his pistol. Flecks of blood hit the door as small dents and chips of off white paint marked where the pistol had struck. Gus pressed h...

  2. phone call

    He left a bloody fingerprint on the faceplate of the phone but brought it to his ear. “Hey Gus, it’s Scott. I’m heading out of town for the weekend but give me a call on Monday and we can talk ab ba-BANG-click” Gus was about to ...

  3. Out in the rain

    The rain made a soft slapping sound as it splashed on his upturned face. The drops were warm against his skin – carving paths through the grime and dirt on his cheeks. He stooped over and pulled up his hood to shelter himself from the downpour bu...

  4. The End

    The frame rattled as Gus kicked at the door. He could hear yelling from the other side of the door but blocked it out – concentrating on the door. The sharp rap of his booted foot on the door rang in the hallway again and again. The door frame fi...

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