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“If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”
—Ludwig Wittgenstein

My name is Wednesday, and I guess you could say that for the most part that quote personifies me. If there were no silliness in this world I would die.

However, I guess it’s not all shits and giggles on my side of the pond. Because as much as I’d like, life is not just silliness.

Cheer Captain of the High Seas in the League of Awesomeness.
‘Cheer’ suggested by ElshaHawk
Named ‘Jae’ by the marvelousness that is Mr.Gabriel

Rest is not idleness,
and to lie sometimes on the grass
under trees on a summer’s day,
listening to the murmur of the water,
or watching the clouds float across the sky
is by no means a waste of time.
—John Lubbuck


  1. Unbeing

    What if I were just a girl, I’d wish that. wish my life away without much care for underworld or hell or He. I’d cut my wrists dye my hair let the blood slip through fingers cold and show off scars to my friends as if it was a proud thing,...

  2. Where I Ran

    “Oh, this place! God, just – look at it. It’s amazing. Just miles and miles of amazing.” “Miles and miles of nothing more like.” “No, you’re not looking hard enough! Because that’s what’s so w...

  3. Friend

    For those of you who cannot see I am here to comfort thee To let you know through all the sorrow Really comes a bright tomorrow Poppies burst through wet green grave Beaches under tidal waves Skies of blue and seas of green Grass sprouts out from nooks...

  4. Chosen Hour

    Unfashioned his cloak and tossed it at her The men are in your chamber awaiting your pleasure Reveal all my little secrets Put her knees into the horse The big ranger looked to her A trifle plain though That will not serve

  5. A Hollow Cry

    Crouched, fetal Floorshaped Hands clasped Crying out Hollow Please Make it stop Make this wretched point end Make this solo romance finish Make this deathly echo cease Hands clasped Please Pray to God To Vishnu To whoever To make it stop Rid me of this...

  6. Escaping Grey

    Ghosts haunt the corners of my old, dark house as I stare into my sink, where the silverwear swims with the sharks. Bats float like traffic in the rafters above my head, the flapping sounds reaching my ears through rotted old wood and depression compel...

  7. Receive

    Hello? … Oh, hi. How are— … Ok … Wh— … What?! She— … She what? … Oh … Oh God no please … Sorry, I. Oh, … Oh God … Whe-When? … Oh Jesus … Oh please … No R...

  8. Majority. (Mature)

  9. Fall

    There’s something about this place that is so familiar. I breathe it in and something about – you – is hinged in these musty smells. Incense drifts around my head in gossamer strands of grey-green smoke and a flash. Of a memory. Burie...

  10. Cold

    I pull into the motel car park and stagger off the bike, turning to watch her shiver. I extend a hand, and she takes it, tumbling into my arms and burying her head in my chest. “Oh, Phe,” I whisper into her ear. “Come, get out of this...

  11. Untitled

    Make me shiver. Send tension through my veins till I wretch putrid hate. Eyes dilate and foul eggs hatch of Satan’s river beasts, sin incarnate. Body aches, rife with anger, - stress by you caused, in a life’s pause where hate had me engulf...

  12. I hide my hand

    I hide my hand In my pocket Else I see it Drifting alone Swaying in the wind Alone and solemn. The spaces between my fingers Through which grey slate is seen Where yours fit perfectly Leave biting cold Up each cold clenched claw. I hide my hand In my p...

  13. Pennies (Working Title)

    One by one the pennies drop, slot into place with a flop till the soft hum of inner workings aptly stops, cut short by steel strings. Biting flesh to core till the sky comes fresh to meet your ascent in soul, moreish. Veridian shore follow close at hee...

  14. A Return'd Lady

    The crowd quietened as she took her first step into the ring. Clad in black, a mask of velvet gilded with gold strapped over her eyes, Lady Pandorica advanced to the line of greats. Mutters rippled through the audience of the famed Lady with emerald ey...

  15. Torn -- 16/08/2011

    Torn in two; Held in the void till stretched on Aphrodite’s rack heart held in strings of fleshy abandon. So different North and South tugging at the edge of my sanity. I doubt its strength. Face of stone un-eternal. I wonder when the last gossam...

  16. The Silk Lily: All Hell

    Tetsuko’s face contorted to a frown at Yuki’s suggestion. “But okaasan!” “Don’t grimace like that, Tetsu-san. You look like a gargoyle,” Yuki threw the words away like the smoke that drifted from the newly lit ...

  17. Untitled

    I write this to ask opinion I won’t take or to prod you for no reason, to work you up without cause, poke for poking’s sake till the Arctic thaws, and all its ice floats out to cool the spring season, hence no more drought in the hot health...

  18. Because rest is not idleness! (Mature)

  19. The Azure Sky: Adventure Begins

    Boats were pushed out towards the island, each holding ladders as well as the usual arms and shovels. Nikita took her role seriously, and went herself to scout out the nearby jungles for angry natives, but none revealed themselves. Deeper inside, Nikit...

  20. The Azure Sky: A Lost Island

    Nikita Voshilov dragged the point of her rapier, the Needle, down the folds of the last map. The floating island it portrayed in such detail was missing. The Azure Sky had scoured every dimension of this area and, still, no island had appeared in this ...

  21. The Silk Lily: A New Maiko

    Yuki Inoue dragged a file along the edge of her red painted nails before adjusting her kimono and staring at the shuddering naked girl before her. The girl’s hands quivered at her sides as Yuki’s first hand Raiku translated Yuki’s wor...

  22. Rain

    I’m walking when Ophelia rings me. It’s pouring down suddenly, heavier than usual and my canvas sneakers are waterlogged. A car breezes past me and throws a wave of water over me. Soaked, I can’t help but think that if the rain carrie...

  23. The Portal to Pandemonium

    The portal formed beneath Rohinder’s feet and he fell into what he knew was Hell. Heat swelled around him, and through the black fire light, he saw another, higher, golden throne. Wrought from the resources the depths of the Earth brought, the pa...

  24. The Throne Room

    Fifty thrones sit against three of the four stone walls, each in varied colour and style. Among them stand a silver set, royal blue velvet padded throne for the the Lady Elshanor, on which she sits having followed the portals to this room. As soon as h...

  25. The Stairwell

    Spiralling upwards, through an infinite number of portals, spanning the width and depth of the house. The supports are built in the shapes of limbs of animals, gilded in gold leaf, leading up an iron rod, twisted upwards, leading from the front door to...

  26. Into the Air

    Ophelia pushes herself off the trampoline and quickly gushes, “No one. Don’t you worry.” I frown and I can feel my brows touching my eyelashes, and she looks back down at her shoes then starts to back away. “Are you going?”...

  27. Anonymous (Mature)

  28. Pro Cats In Nation

    Perfect simile Rotating slowly around that Opulent adjective swimming Cyclically based about my head like Rotisserie, cooking aptly till Artfully crispy as the cool cats Situated cross country begin skimming Tight pebbles by Aquarius’ shrill Isle...

  29. Island

    I see her eyes widen with the memory of something painful and I pull her head in to meet mine, ready to kiss her, but she pulls away. Disappointed, I sit up, pulling my legs into me and looking up at the sky. “What are we, Ophelia?” Sle loo...

  30. Henry

    Ophelia looks off into the distance as I take her in. Her usually soft green eyes have this sad blue hue that drifts over her irises when she’s thinking something painful. We often drift into these perfect silences, and I’m never sure if sh...

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