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I am the son of Zeus.


  1. The Cake Is A Lie

    “Hello?” the girl said to the woman at the door. “My name is Liz.” She clutched tightly at her handbag. A slow, wide grin spread across the woman’s face. “I’m Nancy!” she said. She waved her hands excited...

  2. Thanks, Mom!

    You know, you talk too much, my mother signed at me. She had that pissy expression she got when I forced her to lipread instead of making things easy for her. I picked up my knife and fork and cut into my pancake. “Sorry, I didn’t understan...

  3. Under The Sea

    “It’s the last thing you’d ever expect to find in a swimming pool,” joked the man from animal control. No one else spoke. The Thomases stood anxiously at the poolside, staring at the shock of crimson against the pale pool water....

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